Being Catholic: [Home Decor]

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I had a thought the other day, inspired by a post I saw (by A Knotted Life) and my sister (as she and her family get settled into a new house), if someone walked into our home chateau, would they be able to tell we're Catholic? Like by our decor, if you will? Then in line with our Being Catholic series, I thought I'd touch on the topic, and how we be Catholic, in our home decor. 
Along with a few crosses here and there, bible verses and chalkboard designs/drawings, we currently we have a few religious items throughout our home, but I'd like to add to our collection in a way that complements our 'style', encourages our faith, and sets an example for our little ones.
I have a crucifix over our front door; and over each of our bedroom doors, a St. Benedict crucifix. The St. Benedict medal is rich in meaning, history, and known for his 'power' in warding off evil.
In each of the kids' rooms, along with their St. Benedict crucifix, I like to incorporate little reminders of our faith to encourage not only their involvement, but excitement about being Catholic.
Prayer blocks
Prayer painting
XL Rosary // Holy family figurine
Having these items available for T to play with, touch, hold, and interact with offer such great opportunities to teach and talk about our faith.
So, I think one would be able to tell we are Catholic-Christian by the items we have in our home, but I'd definitely like to incorporate more. A sign of this sort will be showing up on my birthday wishlist (coming soon). Not only is it a very direct 'public announcement' but a good reminder for us, and our purpose as a household.
Other items I'm considering adding to our home include a 'Jesus laughing' print, images of the Blessed Mother and Last Supper, other prayers or verses, and/or something to represent the Holy Family. It's not exactly the stuff Pottery Barn magazines are made of, but if we can't/don't/won't express and share our beliefs within our own home, where or how will we share? Not only that, but we want to give our children the best foundation/roots we can; we believe a majority of that will be through our Catholic faith. We want them to be surrounded by these positive and uplifting reminders that encourages their spiritual growth.


  1. I love all the little Catholic touches you have. I haven't realized until now, that we are really lacking in that department. Liam has a Noah's Ark set that we play with plenty. I have a nativity scene that I put up at Christmas time but really that is it.

    1. Thanks Laura!! Honestly, in our main living places we just don't have much 'Catholic' either right now; I'm not exactly into the super-traditional iconic images, etc. so I need to get a little creative with including some things that fit into our style. But for now, the fun/kid friendly stuff is important to teach/get them involved. Noah's Ark is perfect as animals always seem to be such a big hit for little ones. :)