Being Catholic: [A Series]

Friday, March 13, 2015

For Lent this year, I challenged myself to do something 'public' with my faith and share a few posts here about being Catholic.
Don't eye-roll on me, I know religion can be controversial but I'm not afraid of a few questions, plus it's our responsibility as Christians to spread the good news, right?! So, through my little little corner of the Internet, I'm going to touch on a few things about our life as Catholics in a Chateau Deveau series we'll call, Being Catholic.
Let's start by clearing up a few misconceptions about Catholics:
We ARE Christians.
We do not worship Mary.
We do not worship the Pope.
We read/believe the Bible.
Just because we're Catholic, doesn't mean we don't believe in science/evolution.
 (Although I don't plan to dive into these subjects specifically, I am open to any questions you may have.)

Our History
I was born and raised Catholic (I know boring, no impressive-super-inspiring convert story here..). I'll be honest and admit there were times growing up I didn't want to go to church; thankfully I had parents who 'made' me go and guilt that helped push me through the time most young adults fall away from the Church. Now I'm happy to attend Mass and practice my faith. I'm also very thankful and appreciate my family that is both supportive and encouraging.

When I first met the Mr., I noticed one of his tattoos was a symbol for the Trinity. This interested me and I asked if he was Catholic, lucky for him (and me), he was!! He was also born and raised Catholic but throughout college had slightly fallen away from actively practicing.

Once we started dating, we began going to Mass together and the rest is history..
We were married in the Catholic church and both our kids are baptized Catholic as well.
So here we go; this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.


  1. I love this wedding photo! Such a cool perspective. Have you shared the photos on the blog before?? If not... anniversary! I'd love to see more! Have a great weekend friend! xo

    1. Thanks!! I think I may have shared 1-2 pictures last anniversary but otherwise haven't shared many. Might have to do that next time around. ;)

  2. I love this! What a great Lenten promise! I was happy to discover that Conor was also Catholic when we met; it has made everything in our relationship go much more smoothly. And beautiful wedding photo, especially the Church! We had a full Catholic Wedding, but received permission from our bishop to do so outside. :-)

    1. Oh absolutely, that's great. I knew I wanted to marry a Catholic, so that was nice. :) That's awesome you got permission to have an outside wedding AND had a full Catholic wedding!!