Weekend Fun: [Penny Arcade]

Monday, March 23, 2015

We finally had some great weather and an excuse to make it to a neighboring hippie-mountain town to visit the Penny Arcade for a little friend's birthday party. The Mr. and I had been, but it was a long time ago and I didn't remember just how many rides and games they had there. T was in heaven, along with the other kids at the party.

Everything isn't exactly a 'penny' anymore, but it was a unique-kinda fun with plenty of kid-friendly 'rides'; lots of animals, planes, spaceships, and cars that bounce, shake, go back and forth, or up and down. 
Whenever we tell T we're going to a party, his first question is usually, 'will there be cake?' Needless to say, he was NOT disappointed.
It was a great weekend; spring is definitely in the air, and we sure enjoyed it!! 


  1. Oh sweet boy! My favorite part of a party is the cake too :) That cupcake looks amazing!
    And I was going to say... how did you find an arcade for a penny??? But I guess they just call it that now... you know, back in our day, it was actually a penny! LOL. Actually I full on do remember going to an arcade that everything cost a nickel... those were the days!

    1. Ah yes, cake is the best!! Yeah, it's not like Vegas where there really are penny slots. :) Ha!! The family hosting the party gave each kid a little Tupperware full of quarters (so generous), so he was occupied for quite a while.