Easter Baskets 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tried to keep it simple with baskets this year for T and Homegirl, following want/need/wear/read while picking a few little gifts; and I'll of course be sprinkling in a few sweet treats come Sunday morning.
Homegirl's Basket
Outfit // Bibs // Baby Mum-Mum
Leather bows // Bunny rattle/teething toy

T's Basket
Step Into Reading Nemo book // Noah's Ark book
Water bottle // Striped polo // Sandals
(not pictured) Bike helmet // Stride/balance bike
T has been so excited with 'new' stuff lately, like when I got out some Easter/spring decorations, he kept saying, 'Oh... My... GOSH!!' I love that he gets so genuinely excited, especially over something as simple as plastic eggs. Easter morning has got to be one of my favorite days. It's like an official spring day full of freshness, newness, brightness, and redemption. I can't wait for the gasps and 'OMGs' from T, as he sees his basket, we take in the beautifully decorated church at Mass, and have plenty of Easter egg hunts.
As with everything now, it's quite fun adding another little basket to the mix; here was T's basket last year. It was during our visit home at Easter that we were able to tell my sisters that T was going to be a big brother. I'm looking forward to celebrating Homegirl's first Easter and family time again this year!!
Hope you all have a very blessed and Happy Easter.

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  1. I like your baskets! And you're right, it is so much fun when they start to "get" and get into holidays with all the decorations and traditions. We had a blast hunting eggs with my son last year and so I'm really looking forward to it again this year. Happy Easter!

  2. In the words of Tyson, oh my gosh! How cute are your Easter baskets?! I love them! And those Sadie Sky bows? All the heart eye emojis! I LOVE her stuff! Thankfully my friend just announced she's having a girl so I can buy some. But which ones to choose?! They are going to be so happy on Easter!

  3. For Easter I definitely like keeping things a little simpler. We don't need another Christmas! They will love everything in their basket!

  4. I spy pretty little bows! and I love the gifts, we went practical this year also!

  5. ooh smart doing the want need wear read style. Although now that I think about it I did the want need read style, just missing the wear! I suppose that works. The balance bike though I bet that will be a big hit.

  6. those baskets are so cute! and the bumkin bibs are a favorite around here, too! and so sweet that your boy gets so excited over new stuff, he will be thrilled with his basket!

  7. So cute! Can't wait to start all the fun stuff next year!

  8. Such cute stuff! I'm always looking for a few more ideas for Mim, so I love the little girl basket!

  9. I have always loved easter and easter egg hunting! I cannot wait to have my own littles to surprise and celebrate with :) I love it so much, I am hiding eggs for my husband to find haha!

    Lovely Little Rants

  10. Love all those goodies! I'm sure they both loved them (well as much as a baby can)! :-)