Piecing together a puzzle..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Did you think that post title was something metaphoric for a deep, thought-provoking post?
(I suppose I could reference how blogger is a puzzle to me because I have a little housekeeping item to touch on..)
Ok, so I feel extremely stoopid... Comments and replying - I thought when I 'reply' to all your comments it was emailing them back to you and apparently not. I always wondered why mine show up on my post and no one else's did, I thought it was just a setting thing. No and DUH. I'm so sorry (and embarrassed) I didn't have this figured out. From here on out I'll do what all normal people do and reply via email. Make sure you're all straightened out with your profile settings so your email address is tied to your comment and I can reply via email - check out this simple tutorial to make sure you're good to go.
Thank you Liz for helping get me into the 21st century. Slowly, but surely. Again, my apologies. 

Now back to birthday week fun..!!
Today we're going to give away one of T's favorite things. 
 For Christmas, we got him this 12-piece puzzle; I wasn't sure what to expect as far as him 'getting' it, being into it or even wanting to do it and figure it out. To my surprise (and entertainment), he was interested, and after working with the Mr. on it a few times, he was doing it all on his own!! We then got a 24-piece and with a little more encouragement he took on the additional pieces and has now mastered that puzzle as well.
It's been fun to watch how he learns, concentrates, and executes - sometimes he'll place the corner pieces first, other time's he just starts with a random side piece and builds off that.
Either way, it's been a fun learning and family activity, as well as something he'll do on his own.. Each time it ends with high-fives, 'I did it!', 'way to go!', and one little toddler feeling extremely proud. Even if you think your little one might not 'get' something, give it a shot as they just may surprise you (and themselves)!! If it's not quite their cup of tea yet, put it away and try again later; because let's be honest, these puzzles have sat in pieces overnight a few times since two and a half-year old frustration is REAL (for example why we only got pictures doing the farm puzzle this time).

So, to share the love, we're giving away a 24-piece puzzle to one of our readers!! Enter below.

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  1. We love puzzles over here! We just got some Melissa and Doug puzzles that come in a little box. Noah had been loving the chunky baby kind and thought he might be ready for the next step... And he was! He loves them and does them daily! I'd love to add this one to our collection!

  2. I am secretly considering buying Melissa and Doug products now just so I can start playing with them before the kiddo arrives in July!! (and obviously it will be some time before he/she is ready for puzzles!) But seriously, their products are wonderful -- I would love to start a collection for my little one!

  3. are you serious?!! Dang it, I used to always reply via email and I just changed it so that I've been replying to the comment in the comment section! dang it haha I was going backwards. Awh if I won the puzzle I would give it to one of my sweet nieces or nephews, I know they would love it!!

    Lovely Little Rants

  4. We love all M&D products! My little guy is just now getting into puzzles, so this would be perfect!

  5. I think we have all been in the same boat at one point. I reply back to comments on my blog and I always get these e-mails saying it failed to deliver the e-mail... so I imagine that it is supposed to be e-mailing them that I responded but it doesn't? Who knows! I have given up and just have on the top of my comments section to say, look back for a reply if you asked a question! haha Oh well. And these puzzles look great! I am going to be having my first soon so the fact that I am going to start shifting into mom mode soon it crazy exciting!

    1. I know, technology, right?! :) Ah congratulations on your first, such an exciting time for sure!! Hope you're feeling well and having a smooth pregnancy. :)

  6. I'm so excited (and pleasantly surprised!) to see that these puzzles are Melissa and Doug! But of course, I should expect no less of them. I seriously love their stuff and LOVE their puzzles! I need to get Mason one of these. He loves to put together his chunky wooden puzzles and jigsaw puzzles on the computer!

  7. My husband's employees threw us a surprise baby shower last weekend! It was definitely a pleasant surprise! My nephew is 2 and just now really getting into puzzles. He would love this!

    1. What a pleasant surprise and congratulations!! :)

  8. I was recently surprised while trying to teach my daughter to start writing her name for the first time. She is picking it up really well!

  9. Okay so two pleasant surprises today...

    First, I'm stoked I found your blog (zozu baby giveaway on instagram lead me here). I've entered all of your awesome giveaway posts, but keep going back further and further to read all of yours, I dig your mama blogging style. Definitely got a new follower here. So this was a gem of a find.

    Second, I went to Whole Foods to get some groceries and (mama's vice) dark chocolate, but they were out of my two favorite brand/flavors. I like reaaaaally dark, like 80% and higher. So one of the employees gave me a free bar from a brand I had never tried, but it fit my dark criteria. I won't lie I tried a bite before I even started the car and it was fantastic! So SCORE!(: