Toddler Talk

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Talking about watching a movie..
Momma: How about the other one?
T: How 'bout NOT! How 'bout dis!
Pouring water over his head at bath, like we always do..
T: That's not a fun game! I don't wanna play that game!
When sitting with or laying next to Homegirl..
T: Take our picture!
Told him we were going to a 'party' for my work..
T: There gone be cake?
As she rolled away from his toy..
T: Harpurr, come back, I'll show ya.. Where is Sophie for her?
Such a sweet big brother, consoling his little sister in the sweetest little baby-voice..
T: It's okay it's okay Harper. (patting her) Whatchu want? You want my blankie?
T: I wanna lay next by Harper.
His imagination and independent play is so fun to watch..
T: This truck is not werkin'. I gotta fix it.
Momma: Thanks for helping me make supper.
T: No problem mommy.......... Peace out.


  1. Haha! Peace out mom! I love it. HIs little saying are the best! I LOVE how sweet he is with his sister also! Harper... come back!

    1. He's a goober. :) I never knew what to expect, but so thankful he's (usually) great with Harper; praying that lasts through the teen years especially.. :)