Year of Dates: [Sushi Date]

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I planned to hijack this month's date, for part of my birthday celebrations, as we continued our year of dates. I had been craving sake sushi, so I thought that would be the perfect dinner out together.
Although cold sake is customarily higher quality, we went for some hot sake as it happened to be a blowing blizzard outside and we needed warmed up. It's also custom to NOT pour your own, so we played along and reminded each other when it was time for a refill. :)
When we were dating, we used to go out for sushi quite often, so it was fun to reminisce about that. It was entertaining to watch all the college-age kids (and younger), making good use of the all-you-can-eat option available at the restaurant; ah, how times have changed. ;) We didn't order anything too crazy, but enjoyed what we got, which included a crawfish volcano and a Colorado roll.
It was a great evening out together enjoying each other's company. 
We ended the evening stopping by a very local spot for some live music and familiar faces.


  1. How fun! I love going out to sushi although I must admit that I'm not much of an 'actual sushi' person and always get a shrimp crunch roll or a California roll. But I always leave happy :) Sounds like you guys had a fabulous date night!

  2. ooooh yummy! didn't know that about pouring saki, fun fact haha. I don't recall liking saki the one time I tried it though. But I certainly could use some sushi!

  3. How fun! Sushi is one of my favorite options for date night! And saki....mmm! I could go for some of that right now!

  4. I used to go for sushi once a week for lunch when I was working. Definitely brings back memories! Haven't had it since I got pregnant with Noah (3 years ago)!!

  5. Sushi and Saki?! YUm! I worked at a Japanese restaurant for 2 years and I think thats where my addiction started.