First bites

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A few weeks ago, we figured it was time to try some food with Homegirl. I hadn't been in a rush because, well, second kid.. plus she didn't really seem 'ready' before. 
One Sunday, on the way home from church, T had fallen asleep (and was still napping once moved inside), so Homegirl got some 'only child' attention, and we tried some oatmeal. She was a fan, and has done well ever since with all sorts of veggies.
Homegirl has been a great eater, as her cheeks help prove to be true - even as far as protesting nursing but happy as can be once getting 'real food'.
This sweet little face, even covered with oatmeal.. I can't be mad. :)
Such a fun little first with our Homegirl!!
But I happily welcome suggestions from pumping/nursing moms - our first feeding 'back together' (suppertime feeding) is often a struggle, part she won't latch/nurse long enough and my milk won't letdown/part she wants food (may have also been part stress with the Mr.'s absence during the past few weeks).. Help.
I've also been making our own baby food, so also let me know any suggestions for inspiration, quick/easy recipes, etc.
Thanks mommas!! :)


  1. Yay! She is growing way fast! Brynn loves food, but we still run into the problem of her not wanting real food and only wanting to nurse. So much for me getting a little more of a break once food started lol.

  2. Homegirl is growing up way too fast! How is she even old enough to be eating 'real food'?? Regardless, she looks adorable doing it! Look at that sweet oatmeal covered face :)

  3. So cute! They grow up way too fast!

  4. Babies can go through nursing strikes; I woukd just keep offering and "woo" her back to the breast. A warm bath together can sometimes be the ideal setting. As far as foods do, we did baby led weaning and were big fans of that method!