Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I know, it's been pretty quiet, more like SILENT over here..

The Mr. was gone on a two-week work trip. I know, GULP. There were moments of 'survival mode' but for the most part we did just fine on our own. From what I can remember, this was as disastrous as it got.. But I think that wonderful momma-amnesia may have set in at approximately 7:40pm Friday evening when the Mr. landed and was greeted by the sweetest, 'Dadddddddyyyyyy!!'
Needless to say, it was a pretty exhausting few weeks, that conveniently coincided with an extremely overwhelming time at work, but we survived, and as always, were so happy to have daddy home.
P.S. Single parents, military spouses - God bless you.
I quickly cashed in on a family breakfast out the very next morning and we hit up one of my favorite spots, Over Easy; it was again, a delicious and perfect morning together.
The reuniting continued with cousins back in town, so we got in some quality time enjoying the beautiful weather (and new 'toy' at Grandpa & Nana's).
So, don't you worry.. ;) We are alive and well over here and ready to enjoy a margarita taco or two today. 
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!


  1. Survival mode for certain!!! It is so hard having that team support and then losing it for a while. Glad everybody is home now.

  2. Oh my gosh! Look at them in that power wheels! My niece has one and it is SO FUNNY to watch her in it. She's 4 and Mason wants to be everywhere she is so he hops in the passenger seat and she drives him in her tiny courtyard. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Back. Forward. It's quite jerky but hilarious to watch!
    YAY for daddy being home!!!!