Camera Roll Reminiscing

Thursday, June 11, 2015

You know the dreaded 'your storage is full' notice that pops up on your phone when you're trying to capture a picture or video of the cutest thing EVER..!! So frustrating.. After too many close calls, I finally got my phone backed-up and pictures downloaded.

Then comes the job of clearing off that camera roll.. Which instead, turns into a viewing and reminiscing session.  Even though they are now just on our computer, it's hard to delete - I don't want to NOT be able to carry them around with me!! This last time I was reminded of some special moments from the newborn haze/phase.
T has always been interested in and in LOVE with Homegirl. Those first days home were filled with lots of cuddles and lounging, just hanging out together as a family. I'd catch the proud big brother with his arm reached over, placing his hand so he was just touching his new little sister.
There were of course struggles along the way, including him fighting naps, which is very unlike him. So, if a nap wasn't happening or cut short, I'd get him from his room. He'd come sit by us, eventually leaning on me, or laying back, and falling asleep where ever we happened to be sitting and/or nursing, which is also very unlike him.
As I've mentioned, T tested us quite a bitduring the first weeks/month home with a newborn Homegirl. It brought exhaustion, tension, and even sadness for me. To see this 'big boy' so peaceful was reassuring, especially after times of extreme protest and tantrums.
These simple memories, I'm sure, will someday escape me; but at the the time of a major transition had me soaking in some snuggles from my first baby (who all of a sudden seemed especially BIG) and enjoying this budding sibling and family relationship.


  1. Such sweet moments! I love them all!

  2. Such sweet memories and pictures! I hate deleting anything from my phone because you never know when you will want to look at that one picture you just removed. I swear it happens all the time. It can be there for ages and then its gone and THEN I need it!

    PS I HATED when my phone did that! So frustrating. Someone told me to delete your deleted voicemails and it gives you more storage. I think deleting your deleted pictures also helps. Or convincing your husband that you need to upgrade your phone works too. Hasn't happened yet on my iPhone 6 :)

  3. So sweet! Seriously having to delete photos becomes life or death. Haha