Guest Post: [Brag On Dad]

Thursday, June 18, 2015

With Father's Day right around the corner, I was extra excited when Kary reached out to take part in her special series. I was also stressed and a little panicked because I'm an over-thinker I didn't even know where to start with the bragging, I wanted the Mr. to know just how much we think of him..

After getting married and settling into our life as a couple, I got comfortable, was having fun, and all of a sudden--even though I always wanted kids--felt unsure about starting a family. Why mess up this wonderful thing we have going?! Thankfully it was the Mr.'s excitement and encouragement that helped get me back on board and remember how much we wanted this. I always knew he was going to be an amazing father...
Head over to Always Painted, Usually Chipped for my guest post. Thanks again Kary for having me!! 

Enjoy the special men in your life this weekend, take some extra time to brag on them and let them know just how much they are appreciated.


  1. You guys are the cutest!!! Can't wait to head over and read your post!

  2. Oh, such a sweet post! I love that series on Kary's blog!

  3. Hi Laureen-

    I need your help, can you spread Finn's story for me.

    A 5 month old boy born with a heart condition had open heart surgery in April, he had complications and has been in the hospital ever since. Read more on facebook at Prayers for Finn

    He really is the happiest baby & has won my heart.

    I have put together an instagram auction to help raise money for his medical bills. @prayersforfinnauction #prayersforfinn

    please post a photo of Finn and tag @prayersforfinnauction so that your readers can check it out. It will be June 25

    AMAZING shops have come together in donations and now as bloggers its our responsibility to spread his awareness.

    Thank you so much
    xo, Michelle