Toddler Talk

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oops - I made a publishing mistake and accidentally reverted this post back to a draft. I'm hoping it will publish back where it should be, sorry if you're seeing this again..
Telling Homegirl, as the Mr. was putting a new sheet on his bed and he was helping 'build'..
T: Maybe someday you can build with Tyson and dad.

After supper, hearing the kids playing outside..
T: Rocco? (neighbor boy) Where are ya? We comin'!!

T: Oh blesh you.
Momma: That was a cough.
T: Yeah, blesh you.

T: Can I have an M an M?
Momma: Why?
T: Cause Imma makin' my good choices.

Sitting, playing the guitar..
T: And I'll sing hah-lay-loo-lah, ok? HAHLAYLOO-GOD!!

While reading a book together..
T: Let's see what's happening on the NEXT page!

In true toddler dialect..
T: Those are my crowns (crayons), they're for draw-ling.

Commonly asked after we say something to T..
T: Are you talking to me..?

Responding to Homegirl's jibber-jabber..
T: Whahtch you talkin' bout gurrl?
Telling me on the way home for the day..
T: You don't live at school with me. (Pause) You live at work.



  1. So cute! I love toddler talk!

  2. I love when you post these! So funny and cute!

  3. HAHAHA! Oh my gosh! He's a hoot! I love this! And poor homegirl... living at work must be rough!

  4. Bahahaha!! Love this!! He is too too funny!!

  5. lol. I really am terrible at writing down the fun things Aria says. I have a notepad and everything. Just never happens. I love the 'T: Cause Imma makin' my good choices.' one!