Weekend Fun: [Party Going]

Monday, June 15, 2015

Where did that weekend go..?! Mostly we were just excited to have the Mr. back after yet another week-long work trip. This 'single-parenting' is not for the faint of heart, but thankfully T covered the 'man in the house' position and lived up to the responsibilities extraordinarily!! We've got it down to a science and get out the house for work/school in near record time, considering..
There wasn't much time for R&R upon the Mr.'s return as we had a packed weekend full of family and friends. Our nephew turned 2, and his mom (my SIL) put together an adorable Toy Story party.
 She had some props and a little 'photo booth' set-up, complete with disposable cameras. It's ridiculous how excited I am to see how some of those pictures turn out.
  Mean-muggin' and cute as ever // Daddy-kisses
CAKE!! // Party favors
Older brother/cousin were soooo helpful while opening gifts, as you can imagine..
We also had a dinner with some friends/kids, went to church, and did some shopping. The shopping trip marked our first 'missing child' experience. All are safe and sound, momma and dad were definitely more worked up than T who calmly said, 'Dad, I was looking for you.' My sweet, sweet boy.


  1. Toy Story party?! That's such a great idea! Love that theme! And it looks like they all had a blast! You have to post some of the photos the kids took! I'd love to see those!

  2. Um, that cake is amazing! Please don't tell me she baked & decorated it herself! And yay for Dad being home. That solo parenting is definitely tough!

  3. Poor mama with the missing kiddo episode! My heart definitely would have sank. Solo parenting definitely makes you thankful for the bedtime hour, amiright?!?

  4. Umm how cute is this?! I love the party theme and your pictures of Tyson make him look so old! I'm not ready for them to be THREE next month! WAHHHH!

  5. oh no about missing a kid! I panic just thinking of that. I love that party cake though, how fun of a theme is that! And solo parenting is definitely work, bedtime is the best time.