Annual Birthday Questions: [Turning Three]

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Last year I started with the yearly questions, answering them for T; I was excited to include him this year as he turns three, since we have a more mature and opinionated toddler kid on our hands, although still with a limited attention span.. So, included is my commentary so we can remember special things about two-year old T, along with some favorite IG pictures from the last year.

What is your favorite color?
Yellow has definitely been your go-to favorite color lately. You like to say this is your favorite color and then tell me everyone else's favorite color, always commenting that 'pink is Harper's favorite color.'
What is your favorite toy?
Reptilus Maximus
At Christmastime, this show came out, Toy Story That Time Forgot, and it quickly became your favorite thing to watch. You memorized parts and would act out scenes while watching, and then while playing on your own, being a 'battlesaurs'. The only thing you 'asked' for for your birthday was Trixie, one of the coordinating action figures (a triceratops). You also like to play with any planes, cars, puzzles, dinosaurs, or books.
What is your favorite stuffed animal?
A lion!!
You love lions!! You aren't really tied to one particular stuffed animal, but when playing, will occasionally pull out all the stuffed animals from the box (I don't even know how we got so many?!), including a frizzy-haired lion, and make a big pile and imagine all sorts of games/scenarios. You are so creative, and usually bust out a few 'roars' when you come across that lion.
What is your favorite thing to sleep with?
Giraffe. Giraffes like to eat lettuce. And Pluto, my water.
You usually sleep with your fuzzy giraffe (or occasionally Pluto, sock monkey, or your black bear you named 'Ratatouille'.), you'll have it beside you by your pillow and make sure he gets covered up too when getting tucked into bed. I was surprised you didn't say your blanket, there is always an a+a swaddle blanket with you in bed, if not two. You like certain patterns, the giraffe one being your favorite. And yes, a small water bottle of water on your nightstand.
What is your favorite fruit?
Fruit snacks!! ..Kinda like blueberries taste good.
You love most all fruit, but lately have been asking for apple slices, even turning down a cup of ice cream from the neighbor boy because you had your bag of sliced apples.
What is your favorite cereal?
(After giving you options..) Corn pops.
You'll eat most any cereal, usually dry for a snack before going to school - cheerios, chex, corn pops.

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Scrambled eggs!!
I'd say breakfast is your biggest and probably favorite meal. You love all things breakfast - eggs, pancakes/waffles, sausage/bacon, donuts, fruit. When you pretend cook, it's quite often pancakes or scrambled eggs you're making. You've even become helpful when I make breakfast, cracking the eggs and scrambling them.
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?
Scrambled eggs.
Well, yes. You'll happily eat scrambled eggs at any meal, but for lunch it's usually lunch meat and a cheese stick (or a sandwich that you take apart), quesadilla, mac & cheese, anything really. You aren't too picky, you'll eat raw veggies, especially broccoli.
What is your favorite dessert?
Oh you love cake, fruit snacks, ice cream, popsicles, and 'M an Ms'..!! We don't always have dessert so you are quite excited at the opportunity and will go with whatever sweets are served.
What is your favorite drink?
You do like water but you always drink whole milk. You like to pretend you have 'coffee' and 'make' coffee drinks for us too.
What do you want to eat for your birthday dinner?
Of course, cake is such a treat and you love it!! Whenever we say we are going to a party, first thing you ask is if there will be cake. Since cake doesn't constitute a meal, we had a pizza-party night for your birthday, complete with candles and an extra round of 'Happy Birthday'!!
What is your favorite animal?
Alex the lion.
Ever since loving Madagascar (movie), lions have become your favorite. You love to act out the parts of Madagascar, and you're always Alex the lion. You love to roar, crawl/run, and throw your head back and growl.
What is your favorite book?  
We got you a Step Into Reading book with Nemo, called 'Just Keep Swimming'. We don't read it regularly, but you always remember it. You love 'Where the Wild Things Are', various farm(er) books, and Micky & Friends, to name a few.. But I don't think there's many books you don't like.
What is your favorite song?
I like 'Let it go'.
Oh, really? How does it go?
I don't know.
I'm sure you've heard that song a million times at school, as the other little girl is a princess/Frozen fan, but it's not one we sing (you actually haven't even seen the movie but recognize anything about it). You like to sing Row row row your boat, ABCs, Twinkle twinkle little star, and your Hah-lay-loo-lah made up church songs.
What is your favorite game?
I'd say your favorite 'game' is to wrestle. You love to talk about wrestling with your Dad and Grandpa, usually 'Grandpa wins'. You say, 'ok, here's the deal..' as you explain how you'll wrestle and who's going to chase who.
What is your favorite tv show?
Wild Kratts
You and daddy love this show now, it's all about animals and teaches all sorts of fun facts (keeping you BOTH entertained)!! ;) You also like Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Sheriff Callie, Peg + Cat, and Daniel Tiger.
What is your favorite movie?
Alex the lion movie.
What movie is that? What's it called?
Madagascar maybe.  
No question, you LOVE the Madagascar movies. You've also watched and really enjoy Up, Lorax, and Planes.
What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Ride my bike.
You have a balance bike and you've picked it up pretty quickly!! You also like to play with the just-your-size rake, play t-ball, smash bugs, and play with a the neighbor kids.
Who is your best friend?
Declan. Declan and Gannon. Dad! Dads my best friend.
Your cousins are definitely your best buds, you guys fight like cats and dogs, but have the MOST fun together. You also always say your little sister - 'Harrrpurr, you're my beeeeeesst friend!!' and that's the sweetest ever. You also really enjoy playing with the other girl at your home-daycare, and the neighbor boy who's right around your age too.
What do you want to be when you grow up (where do you want to work)?
(Then you talked about how you'll take turns with your friends flying the planes and 'pushing the green button to go..')
You definitely seem to have similar interests like what I've heard your dad was like as a kid, wanting to really check out how things work and create things, you like to fix and build. You also like to tell everyone they're 'sick',get your doctor kit, and check them out.
You are such a smart, funny, and handsome boy, you bring SO MUCH joy to our family. Everyday you amaze us with something you say, concepts you've picked up, or some new skill. I don't always think I'm doing the right thing, but when I look at you, I feel an unexplainable pride and confidence. The best thing has been to see you take on your role of big brother over the past year, and what an AMAZING big brother you are. You get the biggest smiles, first giggles, and are (usually) extremely patient with her, even when she attacks your face. We are truly blessed to have you in our family. 
We love you so much and look forward to the adventures of another year with you.
xoxo, Momma (and Daddy and Homegirl)


  1. So cute! I definitely want to do this with noah on his 3rd birthday! Yellow is his favorite color and he likes to name everyone else's favorite color too. For some reason he's assigned green for my husband though I think it's really blue ;). We just bought Madagascar and I'm super excited to watch it with him now!

  2. I love that he wants to work at the airport! And that Popsicle picture is adorable!

  3. Oh my goodness! How cute is he! I love that he loves scrambled eggs and cake so much! Me too, Tyson, me too! This is so fun and I planned to do one for Mason too (but haven't had time to yet eekk!). I'll still have to answer them for him this year but hoping next year he will be able to give his input too!

  4. hahaha always love these! Breakfast is the best meal of the day I'm with him. Aria seems to agree. She can eat next to nothing at dinner, but breakfast she can put it away. Although when she pretend cooks it is almost always soup, which she doesn't eat. Go figure.

  5. Love love love! I need to do this with Mac. Totally stealing this idea from you. He is such a little character and a big personality! Love this!