Talking Trips

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I've been getting the travel-bug lately. With the Mr.'s recent trips for work, he's actually got to hit up a few spots we've been talking about getting visited; it has only been affirmation that we do, indeed, need to get there (together)..!!
We tend to be pretty conservative with our spending and are savers but have decided to put some of our hard work to play and start taking a few weekend trips here and there and see this beautiful country of ours!! I am still nursing and don't plan on leaving Homegirl, so once I'm done with that we'll most likely get our first trip booked. 

In the meantime, we're talking, dreaming, and planning on visiting..

San Francisco
Las Vegas
What are some great/beautiful/fun/relaxing places that would be perfect for a long-weekend getaway?


  1. I'm so jealous of your trip planning!!! I'd love to go to all of those places, especially Boston and Seattle! I'm DYING to go there. We went to NYC for just a few short days when we visited my friends in Maryland a couple years ago (before Mason) but it definitely was not enough. I'd love to go back! Oh, and SF... you'd love it!! I can give you some recommendations! I wonder if I blogged about that? I'll look and if not, maybe I can do a tbt like post one day! I've never really been touristy in Scottsdale but Seth's cousins live there and we've been there often. If you like baseball (or if Dan does), then I'd go in March and see a spring training game! And hey, MAYBE we can MEET!!!???? Oh and I think Portland is fun too but I went once to visit my friend and we didn't do too much but Seth's cousins just moved there and I have a friend there so I could probably get recommendations for there too :) Eeeekk! Now I've got the travel bug!

  2. Seattle and Portland are on my list too! NYC is a must visit... And if you do we have to meet up!

  3. A few of these are on my list too! Portland, Seattle, Boston, San Fran. This post is giving me wanderlust.

  4. So I've been everywhere on your list (we travel a lot), and I would put Scottsdale at the bottom! Seattle would be my top pick, but I'm partial since I've lived there. NYC is amazing, but will be the most expensive with San Francisco not too far behind!

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