Toddler Gift Exchange: [Turning Three]

Thursday, July 2, 2015

As hard as it is for me to believe, another birthday is right around the corner for T, the big T-H-R-E-E. My first baby is turning into a kid and as fun as it is to watch him grow, learn, and have conversations, it makes me a little emotional every time this special date rolls around - all three times. ;)

So, without getting all mushy, let's get to partying..!! Last year we had so much fun taking part in a toddler gift exchange (look at that baby face!!), I wanted to do something again this year so I reached out to Elizabeth and asked if she was interested in co-hosting. I should've known she was already a few steps ahead and had her act together with a list of participants, dates, etc. (#supermomblogger).
Then in no time, T's package arrived and we enjoyed a beautiful summer evening on the front steps tearing into it.
This kid's excitement is my favorite. After ripping off the paper, we spent a few minutes trying to get into the box jumping around sweetly celebrating a cardboard box--it's the little things people!!
Right away, he knew exactly what to do and it was full-on 'doctor appointment' play.
Within seconds, he was taking calls and seeing patients.
The beautiful Stephanie and her sweet little guy from Olive & Tate were so kind to also include a perfectly themed book, to enjoy as a family.
We are all now his patients, especially Homegirl (who is on the move and 'won't be still!!') It's so fun to watch them interact more and 'play' together. She is, of course, only interested in his toys, and he loves to tell her all about them.

Stephanie and Gray - Thank you thank you for the perfect and thoughtful gift for T. It seriously has been such a hit!! It never gets old being told, 'you're sick, you need to go to the doctor', or 'let me check your heart-beep.' Thank you again. xo

 We got to send a package to someone who has become a very sweet friend to me--the sweetest Elizabeth and handsome Mason (who, I'm pretty sure, would be BFFs with T in real life).
Head over to see what we sent..!!

Check out the other awesome mommas and little ones who participated in the exchange:
Amanda & Lily : Tickled Pink
Ashley & Waverly : Words About Waverly
Elizabeth & Mason : Chasin' Mason
Jess & Sadie : Sadie Sky Boutique
Laura & Liam : Tiny Toes, Little Nose
Laura & Presley : Happily Ever Parker
Natasha & Ethan : Schue Love
Sara & Mac : Running From the Law
Sarah & Brantley : Seeing All Sides
Stephanie & Gray : Olive and Tate
Traci & Charli : The HALLway

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all these sweet little ones!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Stephanie and Gray got the perfect gift for T! How stinkin' cute is he in those glasses and showing Homegirl what a thermometer is?! I love seeing them play together! Happy (almost) birthday sweet boy!!!

  2. What a great gift! We are huge fans of playing doctor over here! Noah makes us take turns with who is doctor and who is the patient. Then sometimes his stuffed animals are the patients!

  3. This is awesome! What a great gift! Heat beep...I die. Love. Thanks so much for organizing and asking us to participate. We had so much fun! And yes, Elizabeth is a #supermomblogger

  4. Oh I just love these photos! I am so glad that he's a happy birthday boy! And I hope Homegirl can rock out to some story time :-)

  5. oh gosh that is a perfect gift!!! This is my fave exchange!