Weekend Fun: [Turning Three]

Monday, July 13, 2015

It was a wonderful weekend celebrating my baby big boy who is now a THREE year old. Although he looks every bit of it in the pictures, don't get me started--it's still so hard for me to believe; it seems like just months ago the Mr. and I were taking a summer evening walk, staring at each other in shock as my water broke..
The annual donut birthday breakfast is definitely my favorite.
The celebrations were simple, fun, and family-filled.
Getting pumped for a dinosaur hunt.
It was a roar-ing good time playing with water on the front lawn with neighbor friends.
Cousins and birthday treats.
You light up our days and bring us more joy than we ever imagined. We love you so much!!
Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet boy!!


  1. Happy Birthday Tyson! They grow up way too fast! I feel like as a baby I kept waiting for noah to be old enough to do fun stuff, and now that he is I want it all to slow down! We love doing the donut birthday breakfast too! Any excuse to blow out candles is good in my book :)

  2. Oh my gosh! It looks like you guys had the best weekend celebrating your THREE year old. Seriously, can you believe it? I'm still in such denial that Mason turns three this weekend. I don't know why three is harder for me than any other age. Maybe because I feel like I can't call him a toddler anymore? Make time so down!

  3. I'm in such denial about Lily turning THREE I only realized her birthday is a week away last night. :/ looking forward to a low key, yet memorable event yall had to celebrate with Tyson!

  4. The donut breakfast is a genius idea!! I need to start doing this for our birthdays, ha ha! I can't believe how quickly our babes grow! 3 already!! What a fun, FUN weekend of celebrating!

  5. So many sweet pictures! Happy Birthday T!

  6. This is so cute! I can't believe our boys are three!!! Where does the time go?!