Chatting about these books..

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I've been meaning to talk about getting those beautiful pictures we all have (peacefully sitting in our computer/phones), in. the. flesh.. Here's a perfect opportunity!!
Let me start off by saying--
Not sponsored.
Take action FAST (special deal only available through Labor Day).


Not sure there's much else to say..!!
I signed up for a subscription a few months back as I've become quite terrible in getting any prints made and this was the perfect concept to have them pretty much done for me, requiring minimal attention on my end. Get all your questions answered here--but to summarize, once there are 60 pictures/pages up to be printed (from your Instagram account) you'll receive an email notification that the next book is about to print, then there is an opportunity to remove/add, customize cover, captions, etc. Then it's printed and shipped (free!). Easy. Peasy. 
This small, family owned business is about to launch '2.0' and this summer the price per book is going up +$2. I got an email this week, giving what's probably one of the last chances to get grandfathered in at the original price of $6/book (for at least an additional two years), PLUS get your first two books free with code GRANDPA.
 So, go sign up and you're welcome!!
If you miss the cutoff, you can still get your first book free using my referral code N997E6WH (and I'll get a $1 credit, THANKS!!), or try using both coupon codes and we'll all win/win..?!. ;)


  1. I've been meaning to try this!! Everyone RAVES about them so I think I'll have to check it out!
    PS when did Homegirl get so big?!

  2. I may finally need to start this! I've been working on some photo books of my own, but it's slow moving.