Thursday Things...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let's just be honest. Let's just be real. And on that ghetto-music-video note, the song's my (recent) jam and leading me into some random Thursday things...

I'd always considered dreamt of being a music video girl and/or rapper, I know, totally inappropriate ;)

I countdown til 2/3pm each day when I make myself an afternoon-pick-me-up-coffee
I'm terrible at (making time to or actually) reading books so I've started searching YouTube for free audio versions and listening to them while I work

I listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a little hokey but I now want to get rid of half of our household and totally clear out my closet

There are still maternity clothes in my closet

I'm already looking at ideas for Homegirl's birthday party (think pumpkins..!!), she's going to be ONE and I can't believe it

Too often I want to UNPLUG.. But I just can't stop checking Instagram

I ridiculously overthink what we'll wear for our family photos; they are a month away and I'm so ridiculously excited

I don't want to be skinny, I want to be strong; currently sore as hell, trying to get back into those workouts

The priest at my hometown parish gave a homily about how/when to make time for God/prayer, because we're all so 'busy'.. Bottom line--get your @$$ up and do it

'Busy' is so overused and over-glorified. Makes me cringe, everyone is busy and probably always will be, get over it

Oops, it's only Thursday, not soap-box Saturday..Probably time to wrap it up. :)

Any random thoughts? What do you wanna be honest/real about..?


  1. That afternoon pick me up coffee is the most needed of all the needs! I think it is half mental for me too. A little break in a cup. One! Pumpkins! Best party ever already =)

  2. I think you're on to something when you drink a coffee in the afternoon! I made myself one the other day when I got home around 4pm and it was amazing!
    Super excited for Homegirl's FIRST birthday!!!! I can't believe she is going to be one so soon!
    We have family pictures in a little over a month and I have NO clue what to wear! I want to be matchy but not matchy matchy tacky and I just have no clue. Plus I have no idea if it will be hot or cold so that's a problem too! lol.
    PS how is it ONLY Thursday?? This week has dragged on sooooo much and I can't figure out why. Hope you have a good day friend!

  3. Haha your totally my person from the gangsta rap, to the coffee, to the quit complaing! Can't wait to hear more about homegirls birthday extravaganza!

  4. That book has been on my to-read list! While I don't have a hard time getting rid of things, Conor really does. Perhaps I shall give the book to him!