Friday Introductions

Friday, October 9, 2015

I'm turning a little selfish and going to talk about myself today..
There are a few new followers here so I thought I'd do a little Friday introduction, or for some, re-introduction. ;)
I'm Laureen. I'm a wifey, momma bear, daughter, sister. I'm from a small, farming town (to which a neighbor replied something about 'really? you got some spice for being from a small town,' so take that for what it's worth..). I am rooted in my family and my Catholic faith. 
I met my husband in college where we were both athletes. At 5'10", I knew I wanted a tall husband so I thought the basketball team was a perfect place to start, and there I found my 6'6" dunk contest champ.
We have two adorable babes, 3 year old T and 11 month old Homegirl. Being a mother hasn't/doesn't come easy for me, but I'm pretty damn good at it.
I love working out, although I'm still trying to figure how to fit it into my daily schedule since having baby #2, yes still, almost a year later. I have a passion for photography, snapping my own and admiring others'. I have my moments of being a real #basicB, much to my enjoyment and the Mr.'s mockery. I'm quite shy and private, so it's still occasionally comical to me that I have a blog. I need appreciate a stiff drink and love watching documentaries with the Mr. I work full-time so I live for the weekends and time with family.
That's pretty much it, for now.. :)


  1. Found your blog through the Motherboard FB group! Perfect post for me today so that I could get to know a bit about you since I am new to your blog! You have a precious family. I adore that last photo!

  2. Wow I never realized you were so tall! Have a great weekend!

  3. loved learning more about you :) hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Well motherhood looks good on your, even if it didn't come easy! ;-)

  5. Loved learning more about you friend! You are such a fun, good mom! Can't wait to meet you in person... one day! xo

  6. Love learning about you! Especially since I'm a new follower. I'm sure you one amazing momma! :)