Let's Eat Together: [A Series]

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This summer I was fortunate to get some time in with my cousin, Kassi. She is new(ish) to the mom club, and has been an inspiration to me as she's taken on her new role with such grace; it has really appeared to be second nature and her passion is contagious--in particular, in the food arena. I quickly fell for following her food journey with adorable Nora, as I wasn't far behind with Homegirl and felt I forgot what to do.. 

Needless to say, I wanted to share what Kassi was doing because she's been helpful to me in more ways than one and I know dinnertime can occasionally be a stress for moms/wives/families.

I'm so excited for this!! So, enough from me, let's get to know Kassi.


Hi, folks, I’m Kassi!
This summer, Laureen and I hatched a plan allowing me to start guest blogging for her here on Chateau Deveau. So, it only makes sense for me to take a moment to introduce myself. And that fantastic headshot? Photo courtesy of the Mr. and Laureen! Tired mommy eyes courtesy of my little. Yikes!

I’m a twenty-something who’s closer to thirty, married to a kind, handsome, and hard working cattle rancher, mama to a little bug currently 16 months old, stepmama to a first grader, recovering photographer, and lover of home-cooked meals.

When the baby started solid foods, I read a fantastic book, French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billion. A finicky eater, my stepson caused me daily frustration at the dinner table. I vowed to raise my daughter to be a “good eater.” The book was inspirational to me, to say the least, and ignited a passion in me for eating real foods together as a family.

A former photographer, I grabbed my iPhone and started taking photos of #WhatNoraAte and posting them to Instagram. And, amazingly, people actually liked it! Her journey through solids progressed and I connected with other moms about shared dinnertime struggles. Sharing my own recipes, tips and testing Pinterest recipes to share is so much fun for me, and (hopefully!) helpful to my followers.

And with that, I started Let’s Eat Together, a community focused on feeding the family real food with real flavors.

At our house I’ve tried to minimize the packaged/processed food in the cupboards. We aren’t perfect; I’m pretty sure there’s Pringles in the lazy susan and fudgesicles in the freezer at the current moment. We’re not on any specific diet. I usually don’t buy organic. We eat meat, gluten and dairy. I still bake with sugar, just not as much as I used to. My focus is cooking with whole foods and eating as a family together.

Currently, you can find me on Instagram (@letseat2gether). As the community grows, I hope you join us to give me your tips, share in my #momfail moments, and encourage our kids to be well-rounded, adventurous eaters. I hope to see you soon!   


Thank you, Kassi!! 
I absolutely value a healthy, family meal and know the struggles of 'what's for dinner?!' and an all-of-a-sudden picky eater, as I'm sure many mommas out there do too. Be on the lookout for more fun with Kassi here; in the meantime, head over and start following Let's Eat Together!! Not only is it a beautiful account, it's simple, doable, encouraging, and relatable. 


  1. Ooh I love this! I desperately need more ideas! Noah used to be a great eater but now only wants a few things! B

  2. I love this!!! We've been trying to do the same thing, less processed and more prepared foods. Like she said, we're not perfect either. Tonight we had chicken, asparagus and... rice. But hey, it was pretty balanced and Mason actually ate most of it. Excited to see what else you guys come up with!

  3. I don't know where we went wrong but our son is just not a good eater. He would just rather not eat. I wish I had that problem :)