Smashing Pumpkins

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Need a totally non-traditional thing to add to your 'fall bucket list'..?
Here you go!! Compliments of Grandma, of course.
All you need is a moldy pumpkin (that needs prepared for compost), hammer, and superman 3-year old enthusiasm.
 There's absolutely nothing Pinterest-worthy--or safe--about this activity, but it was fun, free entertainment (x2), and an energy burner; plus, when you're in the country/at Grandma & Grandpa's - anything goes!! Keep in mind, come a month or so when you have a few pumpkins past their prime..
Seen enough moldy, pumpkin guts..? I'll leave you with the cutest little cheering section - while Homegirl loves to be in the middle of everything, she is usually content observing the action too (for now), plus being held by Grandma = happy girl.
Never fear, we covered our basic bases with a trip to a local pumpkin patch - thanks May Farms for the afternoon outing!! 


  1. Ha! Love it! We may have to steal this idea after Halloween! Last year we put our old pumpkins in a burn pile out at my parent's house and this year there were 4 pumpkins growing in it!! So you might try that with all of your pumpkin guts ;)

  2. What a fun way to experience pumpkins! Maybe not your traditional way but I'm sure your little guy loved it! Boys love making messes so I'm sure this was perfect for him.

  3. Reed will be all about that!! Definitely going to let him smash our pumpkin after Halloween!

  4. The hugging picture!!! I die. They are SO CUTE together! I also love this pumpkin activity though, like you said, probably not very safe lol. Mason and a hammer already aren't safe so we may wait until next year to try this ;)

  5. How perfect! Our window sill pumpkin is slowly getting yucky lol

  6. What a cool grandma! Probably every boy's favorite thing to do with a pumpkin!