Waking up..

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This week my baby Homegirl turns ONE.
I realized the other day I might not have many sleeping pictures of my baby, so inspired by Sara's precious pictures of her sweet girl, I quick grabbed my camera to try and get a few. We were pushing an extra long nap, so I knew the shutter would most likely wake her up which would be just fine. I was so happy to see her still sleeping in this very-baby position, bum up in the air, and as always, with her signature crossed ankles..
Just as expected, it was enough clicking to disturb my little light-sleeper and she was up and wondering, 'what the heck.'  Really truly, she wakes up like this.
 Needless to say the photos were cut short, she doesn't like left while momma's standing RIGHT THERE..!! So up she came as we snuggled to help wake up slowly.
This girl is something else. She's sweet and feisty, dramatic and so chill. This week she turns one and I'm still processing, planning, and deciding how I feel about it all. More than anything I am excited to celebrate and spoil (a little more than normal) our favorite Homegirl.


  1. Oh yeah, this is the reason I don't have many photos of my son sleeping! He was and is a pretty light sleeper, like his mama!

  2. I love that she was bum up and ankles crossed! Adorable! I don't usually take pictures of mine sleeping because it'll wake them up but I need to just for a few sweet memories. Happy birthday week!

  3. What a perfect picture! I have light sleepers too, so not many sleeping pics here either.

  4. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)


  5. The only pictures of Mason I have of him sleeping are through the monitor! I'm always afraid of turning the light on and somehow waking him even if I turn my phone on silent to snap a few. But that position she's sleeping in... is my absolute favorite! He doesn't sleep like that anymore and it makes me so sad. Now he's all sprawled out all over the bed making me wonder if he needs a bigger one. Slow down time!