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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I know we're always looking for something new to check out, so here are a few things we've been watching (adult edition..).

Dwayne Johnson + custom-made suits.. Enough said.

Documentary about 93 year old fashion legend, Iris Apfel. Not only was it entertaining fashion-wise, but the life lessons and comments from this woman are touching. She's got such a great outlook on life, is kind, strong, and funny.

Awesomely-made, 5-minute little films about 'what it takes to get Bourbon Country Brand Stout into your hands.' The history and story of this once a year released beer is unique and interesting, even touching on the loggers and barrels it's aged in. They recently released the rare batch which was a lottery style ticket drawing, with bottles going for $60+ each. Check out Chapter 9 of the series to find out why it was so rare..

This was interesting - about the career of Dock Ellis (Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher), who threw a no-hitter while high on LSD, of course complete with drama and triumph. 

It was fun to learn a little bit more about something in our very own 'backyard'. It's was intriguing with it's few twists, scandal, and story of faith.

We happened upon this movie on HBO, the Mr. had been wanting to see it; I'm not sure I was prepared for the intensity.. I had to cover my eyes a few times, spurred discussion/questions, and might have you reaching for a kleenex, but holy cow. True story of survival and redemption. Louie is a badass and a hero.

Of course, none of these were complete without my movie watching partner, the Mr., and some popcorn. We've been killin' the popcorn lately.
What's your go-to at home movie snack? What have you been watching?


  1. I totally need to find that Iris movie! I love her!

    We've been watching Homeland. This season is bizarre and I've been eating all the klondike bars since I did a sponsored post and had like 6 boxes of them! SO MUCH ICE CREAM!

  2. I haven't been watching much besides my every week Thursday night shows. I also like Castle and have been watching dancing with the stars even though I swore off that show weeks ago lol. CANNOT wait for FIXER UPPER to come back SO SOON though!!!