Fall Scarf Exchange

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

FYI - the Mr. calls them 'snarfs', so it will take all restraint I have NOT to type that the entire post, while talking about sn scarves..

One of my favorite things about this time of year are the clothes..!! The layers, seasonal prints/plaids, boots, so much coziness..
And scarves!! I haven't shopped for any new ones for myself recently so I thought joining in on a scarf exchange (hosted by Elizabeth, Courtney, and Whitney) would be a fun opportunity to add to my collection.
I got a Michael Stars multi-colored infinity scarf from Beth, and I love it!!
The fabric is SO soft and.. bouncy!! The colors are great. It's the right amount of 'infinity', so it can wrap once or twice, exaggerating one of the three different colors, for a different look. It's one of the lighter scarves I own so it'll be an especially great option for spring/summer too. Plus, I don't have many infinity scarves, so I was excited for the addition..!!
One of my fall/winter uniforms is a scarf with a Piko tunic, leggings, and of course, boots. 
Wrap it around my neck and call me basic, I know and I love it. ;)
What's your go-to scarf outfit? Any fun ways to tie/wrap an infinity scarf?

My match, Kara, had mentioned she doesn't yet have a blanket scarf but didn't want one that everyone already had--I get that. So, while shopping Nordstrom, this scarf kept catching my eye. It's not the plaid you see on every corner, seems versatile and blanket-y, so winner/winner.
I hope she likes it and stays warm this winter!!

THANK YOU again to Beth for my scarf!! It's definitely going to get a lot of wear. :)
And THANKS to ElizabethCourtney, and Whitney for hosting!!


  1. Oh I love it!!! I love that it's bright and would cheer up a dreary, wintery, rainy (snowy?) day! I also love the one that you sent to Kara. I was eyeing that scarf online the other day! Thanks for participating in our scarf exchange friend! xo

  2. What a fun scarf! Having all those colors and patterns really lends itself to multiple looks and outfits. Im a sucker for versatility!

  3. Beautiful scarf... Love the colors! I love adding a colorful scarf to a simple outfit and looking super chic and put together!

  4. Infinity scarves are my favorite! You will love wearing it. Super cute.

  5. Oh, love this scarf! I like the different patterns & such. Very nice. :)

  6. I am so glad you like it! It was a lot of fun to shop for :)

  7. Wow, what a unique find!! The scarf you found for her as well. I love pieces with character like this. Looks great! xx

  8. i love all the color so much! a pretty scarf with a neutral top is perfect for winter.

  9. Great colors. I like that it can be year round too.

  10. Snarfs!!! I love it; a much more fun thing to say! And this snarf is beautiful, perhaps my favorite!