Get ready: [Visits with Santa Link-Up Announcement]

Friday, November 20, 2015

I've always appreciated a good photo op with Santa, whether good-BAD or good-GOOD, not much beats the festiveness, Santa (or not so much so) himself, and the happy/terrified faces.. 
I'm definitely guilty of getting a good chuckle out of visits gone wrong, but after witnessing my own in that position, I have a little more sympathy for the situation. We've been on both sides of the reactions, in the end, all making for a memorable photo to look back on.
I'm looking forward to a few encounters this year!! I have a feeling we're going to have a major Santa-hater on our hands, I'll give you one guess which one of our two may attempt to claw Santa's eyes out.. 

In celebration of the smiles, giggles, tears, and screams, along with these awesome mommas, we're hosting a Visits with Santa link-up so we can share these memorable occasions. 
Come back, starting December 10th to share YOUR visits with Santa and/or tag your photos #visitswithsanta15 on Instagram/Twitter. 
I'm looking forward to sharing ours, including some from years past and seeing all your picture-perfect (or not so..) moments!!


  1. Picture perfect! Any picture with Santa is a good one in my book. Aria hated it last year, but she seems into it so far this year. We're due for a happy Santa pic!

  2. This is an exciting link-up! :) I'm hoping Avery will rise to the occasion and NOT scream at Santa's face this year. Sometimes those Santa visits gone wrong lead to the best stories (and funniest pictures). But I would love to get a happy one.

  3. Love that picture! So cute! I can't wait for the link up. We are going to see Santa on Friday. We will see what the kids do. :)

  4. YAY! So excited for this! However, I think we may be one of the good-bad photos if the pattern continues lol. Poor Mason. He probably hates me for making him see that scary man four times last year! Haha

  5. Aw, I love last year's picture! Harper is so tiny!

  6. Aw you have a great photo!!! It's so sweet! I hope you don't have a Santa hater! I'm pretty sure we still do and that should make for a fun post a a co-host lol!