Friday, November 27, 2015

As we dive into the holiday season, it's easy to get wrapped up (punny, haha) with the sales, parties, lists, gifts, and decorations. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy some of each of those myself, but as a family, we also try to reflect on the real reason for the season.

At this stage in our family (toddler/little kid age), we talk about what we celebrate at Christmas.. Jesus's birthday!! One of my favorite ways to explore, discuss, and play is with a kid-friendly nativity set. It's interactive, fun, and drives home the story of Christmas.

While there are many different ways to celebrate as a family, I want to touch on a little way we share the message with our family and friends. Besides plastering our smiling mugs, we make sure to include a specific message on our cards..
It is important to me to include MERRY CHRISTMAS, specifically, on our cards. Pretty simple, but I find it essential to express the Christmas part. I was excited to see Tiny Prints had such beautiful options, in line with what I was looking for. 
We all know capturing and picking the 'perfect' family photo is hard enough, selecting the card should be the easy part. Tiny Prints is on top of that - they are very easy to filter/find a particular greeting and style. They can be sorted by Christmas, and even Religious (what a great option!!), making the hunt through hundreds of beautiful cards more specific to a particular message.
Call me a barracuda or just festive, but I gravitated towards the sheen of these beautiful foil-stamped cards. I surprised myself and picked a richly pomegranate-colored card, and for an even bigger surprise the Mr. was all for it too!! These unique wrap-around return address stickers help capture the attention of the recipient amongst bills and junk mail, and finish off the whole look.
Disclosure: These Christmas cards/labels were given to me free of charge. Opinions and attraction to all things shiny are my own.

Although a simple greeting, I hope it will have a little more meaning and call to mind the season upon us. Take some time as you read through all the beautiful cards this year, and let your heart be filled with the JOY the Christmas season brings.. Not only in the parties, gifts, hustle and bustle, but in the most special birthday celebration of all.
Do you prefer to give a particular 'holiday wish'?  
How do you incorporate the true meaning of the season into your family traditions?


  1. So I usually always have "Merry Christmas" on our cards, but this year we (my husband and I) both gravitated toward a different religious design. Is it a sign of frugality or thriftiness when you go with the $9.99 Costco cards? Lol

  2. So we always have a "happy holidays" on our because we have family members that celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. Instead of making two different cards and sending one to one side and one to the other side, I prefer to get all my cards the same and have a generic message. One year I changed it up and got "merry everything" but mostly it's happy holidays :)

  3. I always insist upon Merry Christmas too! And Liam loves playing with our nativity scene. He wants everyone looking right at the baby Jesus! It's adorable.

  4. I love this! I usually pick a card based on what looks good on our photo, instead of the saying, but this year I specifically wanted a Merry Christmas card too! :) Love the ones you picked!

  5. Amen, amen! Each year it's important that we select a card that says Merry Christmas on it!
    LOVE what you chose for your card - it looks gorgeous!!