Weekend Fun: [Halloween]

Monday, November 2, 2015

This weekend wasn't over the top by any means, lately Halloween has been... Well, just understated here, and that's ok. We still enjoyed ourselves and the kids had fun!!
We had ghost and pumpkin-shaped pancakes..
and fed little kitties.
Our costumes were easy and fun. T loved telling everyone he was Tigger AND his sister was Piglet.
Although the highlight of his night may have been answering the door after each knock. He'd jump up and run to the door with such great enthusiasm, slowly checkout each kid, tell them 'trick-or-treat', reach down and pick up a few pieces of candy, then ever-so methodically look over each costume again as he dropped a piece or two into their bag.
Homegirl was just as happy shakin' the sh*t out of each little box of Nerds she could find.
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  1. haha Aubrey went nuts over all the candy wrappers and boxes that made noise also. So fun for the littles.

  2. I love the Halloween breakfast! We did that too and it was yummy and fun. We took our kiddo out door to door but it was the first time. In years past she's just helped us pass out candy and was totally content. This year her friends were going so she wanted to.

  3. Great idea for the breakfast!! That's super fun. :) and T's reaction to trick or treaters is priceless!!

  4. I love all these festive breakfasts! I need to start doing that! And I love that you also had a little helper handing out candy :)

  5. haha I love his candy handing out technique!! I really need to let Aria handle that one year. She is just so unpleasant as it gets to bedtime that I've pretty much shuffled her to bed right after trick or treating each year. Maybe next year! And I think any level of festive rocks - ghost pancakes, love em!

  6. SO CUTE! I love the costumes and I love that HE told THEM trick or treat when he answered the door. That's the cutest!

  7. Loved the family costume! We may have rondo this one year!

  8. Love the costumes! Handing out candy and checking out everyone else's costumes is one of my favorite parts of Halloween too ;)