Visits with Santa 2015

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.. It is the MOST wonderful time of year!! Twinkly lights, cozy, festive movie nights, garland, ornaments, and perfectly decorated mantles - ALL things (commercially) Christmas!! It's magical, and brought to a whole new level with little ones. One of the most entertaining parts of the season includes.. Visits with Santa!!

As I mentioned, I thought we were headed for a good-BAD shot with the jolly 'ol guy this year, thanks to our little sweet tart Homegirl. But she pulled through, more sweet (than tart), and just checked. him. out. T did great, spoke up like he had practiced, gave an adorable-real-fake-three-year-old grin, and let the big guy know he was hoping for a Paw Patrol truck (to which Santa made convo about specific characters, such a pro).
I absolutely love this year's visit with Santa!! These two, each sweet in their own right, both surprised me with their super cool demeanor and gave the expressions I should expect.
We've been hitting up Bass Pro Shops for the past few years for our free shot with (a very impressive) Santa and festive setup. The best thing has been checking them out side-by-side, year after year.
A few more oldies, from super sweet to NOT havin' it..
Homegirl at 2 months old // T at 17 months old
Don't worry, T was quickly rescued and comforted, and as you can see above, has NOT been scarred for life from this event.
We have another visit planned this weekend at a work party, so I'm excited to snap a few more pics of our little ones with the big guy.

Good-good or good-bad, I can't wait to see them all - tag your photos #visitswithsanta15 and link up with me and these other wonderful ladies:


  1. Great pictures! There is something adorable about Santa pictures when the kids are freaking out. It makes me laugh and say aww poor thing all at the same time. :)

  2. Okay, so more deets about the Bass Pro Santa... I've been considering making a trip since I would love to get Ben's picture with the big guy but don't want to chop my right arm off to pay for it. Are the lines uber crazy?
    I love that your Santa knew Paw Patrol so well to have dialogue!

  3. I guess I should have waited for this link-up to publish my Santa's Lap post! Somehow I missed the announcement. Oh well, I'll add my link from a couple of days ago. Love your pictures and your kiddos' reactions!

  4. Doesn't the boxes in the link up full of santas make your heart happy haha? other than mine of course lol.
    I love that she is looking up at Santa, great picture this year. The year progression is the best too.

  5. These pictures, so sweet! Its so incredible to see how much the kiddies have grown year after year. And getting a good Santa makes ot that much more special!

  6. what a great photo!!! So sweet! I have a friend who's been going to bass pro for 4 years now -- it's their thing and every year they get an awesome photo! Love the tradition!!

  7. This year's photo is so good!! I love the grin and the stare down.

  8. Love that your Santa was in the paw patrol know! Such fun memories!

  9. Your Santa is a total pro! He even named off the Paw Patrol characters?! Amazing!!
    The kids did SO well this year! As did Mason, which was shocking to me. I love their picture from this year!! Also, I need to find a place that gives out free pictures... seriously I think everyone I've seen gets them free and well, maybe it's just CA, but everywhere charges!

  10. Hahaha! Love this! I cannot get enough of Santa photos! And that's a really great looking Santa!

  11. Pretty cool that is was the same santa...or looks like it

  12. The picture with Santa is perfect! And 2 thumbs up to Santa for knowing about Paw Patrol!!! Merry Christmas!