Toddler Talk

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A few favorite things to come out of our toddler's mouth lately..

One of my favorite requests..
T: I need some little help here..

When he sees something 'cool', or if you show him anything really..
T: Wooow.

Trying to remember 'cotton candy'..
T: What's that fuzzy stuff?

Talking about the carnival..
T: Can we watch a show at the carnivore?

T: When I get big, can I go to football?
Momma: You want to play football when you're older?
T: Yes.
Momma: You have to be tough-tough!!
T: I will try.

Looking at books with Homegirl..
T: This is a really great book, Harper. You have to be gentle!

Momma: How big is Harper?!
T: Soooooo booooooo-tiful!!

Talking about making better choices next time..
T: I won't do that again.. But I will.

Singing his nursery rhymes..
T: Pecker-piper-picker-peppers..

On the way home, he hands a fussing Homegirl his blanket..
T: Maybe she wants my blanket.
(She takes it and tosses it over the side of her seat..)
T: That's not berry nice, Harper.

Seeing two dogs in the back of a truck..
T: I see a puppy..!! And a cat. Oops, oh I thought that was a squirrel. Or a car or something but it's another puppy.

After moving the pack 'n play from blocking the stairs..
T: Don't set her down cause if she comes over here.. Just don't set her down, ok?

After seeing a motorcycle drive by..
T: When I get 5, I can ride a motorcycle.

The Mr. was telling T he'd be gone for the weekend as he had a hunting trip..
T: Can I come?
Mr.: No, when you're a little bit older you can.
(T sat there for a few seconds..)
T: Ok, I'm a little bit older now, can I go hunting with you?
Mr.: No, you need to be 13.
T: Oh, ok.

Talking to Homegirl..
T: Can you say T-Y-S-O-N, that's TYSON!!
Momma: How about we teach her to say HER name.
T: No, T-Y-S-O-N cause that's MY name. And don't give me that pacifier cause I'm not a baby.


  1. So sweet. I love the little things they say! Or the directions they give. ha!

  2. So cute... I love little kids!!!

  3. I won't do that again... but I will. HAHA! Oh man, Tyson is a hoot! I love all his little sayings! Mason isn't really talking like this yet but he says the FUNNIEST things sometimes. I swear he does it on purpose too. Last night Seth asked him if he tooted and he's like YEP! LOL. Never even skipped a beat. I love toddlers!

  4. My favorite posts are about kid talk! They are so entertaining and enduring. Makes me smile every time :)

  5. "What's that fuzzy stuff?" Oh i love him! I need to start writing down more of Liam's phrases. He too is cracking me up right now. Almost everything starts with "Can I tell you something?" I think it's his way to trying to politely interrupt a conversation.

  6. These are hilarious! I did a post like this for Brantley around the age of 2 and I wish I would have done them more regularly! I don't like forgetting the silly little things he says!