We were, and still are thankful..

Monday, December 7, 2015

I know it's now December and Thanksgiving is nothing but a faint memory, but.. After thinking I'd just skip a 'recap' of our weekend, I found this post through another blog and decided, I want to post for my sake. No particular event to recall for years to come, no award-winning, pinterest-worthy photo, recipe, or DIY, but memories that are imperfectly perfect, to be documented in our tiny corner of the Internet.

Without further ado, Thanksgiving weekend 2015.

Watching the parade
Snapping pics and making a fire
 Good food, good company
Did I mention food..?
The Mr.'s family has a tradition of doing gingerbread houses at Thanksgiving, so it was fun to watch T create this year. He asked if he could eat every piece of candy he touched, and I exhibited quite the control of letting him be messy and make it just as he imagined, as opposed to making it picture perfect as shown on the box..
Then over the river and through the woods, we were at grandma & grandpa's for the weekend with more great family and cousin time..!!
The camera didn't come out too much, but these two little girls with matching Christmas jammies/books made for an entertaining photo shoot..
It was a full weekend and perfect time to focus on our countless blessings and call to mind the things important to us that we are especially thankful for, our family, health, and freedom. 


  1. I love this for all of the same reasons you wanted to post it! I think that's why most of us blog in the first place, so props to you for following through! And thanks for linking to that other post. Great stuff there!

  2. I seriously dropped the ball on a Thanksgiving recap and feel a little guilty because its my favorite holiday and it already gets pushed aside as it is. But I took exactly 10 pictures and they were all of the cousins and didnt think itd be 'good enough'. I like your sentiments!

  3. Holiday recap posts are my favorite to look back on! I never miss writing one even if I think it was uneventful or I have no good pictures. I know future me will not care but simply enjoy the memories.

  4. Great recap! Looks like a great time and I love how the gingerbread house turned out. That's just how they should be. :)

  5. Oh my gosh those girls are so sweet in their matching jammies! Eeekk! Sounds like the best weekend, the kinds that you look back on with fond memories and just knowing that you were together as a family is enough. I wish we had watched the parade but we went to my friends turkey trot instead and while that was fun, it makes me wish we still had DVR to be able to watch it later - it's one of my favorite parts! Oh well, there's always Christmas, right? :) So glad you guys had a great holiday with your families!

  6. Oh, I love this! Isn't that the great thing about blogs - you don't even have to have a real post in mind, you just get to document your days with photos to look back on over the years. Love this!