Weekend Fun: [Sunday Dinner]

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This last weekend we enjoyed a few particularly festive things--a family Christmas party, cozy movie nights in with sparkly Christmas lights and toddies, and decorating cookies at Sunday dinner.
(Almost every) Sunday, we have dinner at the Mr.'s parents' house. We live in the same town and it's a chance to get together, slow down, and enjoy a delicious meal. This last one was particularly festive as I sat back and watched the kids admire my MIL's Christmas decorations and decorate cookies (keew-kies, as Tyson pronounces).
The other day the Mr. described Homegirl perfectly - our little sour patch kid.
First she's sour, then she's sweet. Ha!!
These two..!! They definitely make the season more magical with every year..


  1. Aww! Decorating cookies is the best! Ha ha!! Love how your hubby described your daughter! Mine is like that too. :)

  2. SO FUN!!! We usually have dinner at Seth's mom's house every Sunday as well. It's one of my favorite things. I love that you guys got to decorate cookies together! That's definitely one thing I'm missing this holiday season.

  3. How old is Harper? I have a feeling her and Brielana are around the same age :) Family dinners are great traditions! We're lucky to live by both sides of our families and ok, maybe a little spoiled, too.

  4. How wonderful that you get the opportunity to do weekly family dinners! I so hope that one day we will be back in my hometown and this can happen for us!