It's the little things... [Bumbo]

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This past weekend we had Homegirl try out the Bumbo. It was adorable, as expected.
This little thing of putting a baby in the Bumbo.. It's like a right of passage, a moment of realizing that little baby of mine isn't so little anymore. I remember when T was 3ish months old and we first put him in it; like slow-motion, sitting and watching this little baby look not so little.
Maybe it's the perspective of seeing them 'sit up'. Maybe it's observing them from a new angle. Maybe they are just growing up.
Either way, it was fun to do it again and I had those same feelings with Homegirl. I think T really liked having her in this 'position' too, so much easier to hug on and put his arm around her. She sure is 'growing up'.. But those cheeks!! Those ears!! Capturing more of her smile - she usually turns Ms. Serious-face when the camera comes out.
Such sweet little things, my babes in the Bumbo.
T at 3 months // Homegirl almost 4 months
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Toddler Talk

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Running around with a dinosaur..
T: RAWR! I getcha boyy!

Helping him snap together some small Lego parts..
T: We did it her-gether!

Sitting down at the kitchen table..
T: Buckle up. Get in our seats and hold on really tight. Ok? Ok!

I'm still tie-yurrrrrd.

What's that who guy? (Instead of 'who's that guy?')

...and I'm cr-wying!

Momma: What book do you want to read tonight? How about Where The Wild Things Are?
T: Mickey Mouse!
Mr.: ..and Max said..? (quote from Where the Wild Things Are: 'and Max said, 'be still!' and tamed them with the magic trick..')
T: I don't wanna BE STILL!

Momma: T, did you poop?
T: I'm tiiiiyerd.
Momma: Did you also poop?
T: No, I also tie-yurrrrrd.

And the award goes to..

Monday, February 23, 2015

This weekend we attended a little award ceremony of our own. 
No gowns, red carpet, or celebrities, but instead beer, beer, and more beer.

As I've touched on before, the Mr. is a beer fanatic; he also has been homebrewing for three years. Since he's started, he's entered his brews into various competitions, both local and national. This weekend we attended a fest for one of these competitions, awards/winners were announced and samples were poured.

I am beyond PROUD to share the 2nd place BEST OF SHOW beer and 1st place in the IPA category: Citrus Street IPA, made by the Mr. himself. (This was out of over 400 and 30+ entries, respectively.)
This beer is 'an American IPA brewed with over a half pound of hops, well balanced with a big citrus aroma and a clean bitter finish.'
This beer was named after the street the Mr.'s grandma used to live on in Florida. She passed away last year and the Mr. wanted to use the name as a small tribute. He makes his own labels for select batches, as he shares/trades with other brewers and friends.

To my Mr., 
I am so proud of you. 
I know sometimes I give you a hard time about your time-consuming hobby, but I am so happy to see your hard work rewarded. You are so talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated; your passion really is inspiring!!
If you couldn't tell before, I hope you know just how extremely proud and excited I am for you.

That's enough..

Thursday, February 19, 2015

[Insert one-eye-open-one-eye-closed-tongue-sticking-out emoticon]
Liketikit, liketitkit, likeitkit, likeittoknowit - whatever it is. Seriously. More like 'likeittogetacraptonmoreemails'.. I get the concept and it's a great idea, and I'm sure there's some kind of commission/cut with the whole set up; but PLEASE, just tell me where it's from also, or what brand it is up front. I don't want to sign up for more tempting/shopping emails. I just want to know where it's from and then I'll decide if I want to peruse further. I see these adorable outfits captioned 'this is the most-perfect-best shirt I've ever owned, my all-time favorite, and it's on major sale today only..', so I tap to see where it's from - 'liketoknow it'. Pissssssser. 
That's enough..

I'm not the only one, Pharrell agrees with meShake It Off.. Guess what?! Mariah Carey been there and done that, girlfriend. I used to not mind TS, but unfortunately, now the sight of her irritates me. Simple as that. I know, so mean and judgmental. But 'they' say she snubbed country music and that in real life she's mean, so I guess we're even.. Although her dress at the Grammys was pretty fun (& shoes were A+), haters gonna hate.
T.S., that's enough..

Loop Giveaways
Maybe I'm a little too protective of my Instagram feed, but I don't want it cluttered with however many sellers/accounts are a part of the 'loop'. I sure as hell would love to win that GREAT giveaway, but I also don't want to make time (ok, kind of too lazy) to like/comment/follow tag/like/comment/tag/follow, etc., etc.
That's enough..

All in good fun, but seriously don't get me started.. :)
Your turn, tell me what you've had enough of..?!

Balentime's for Frwiends..

Monday, February 16, 2015

Yes, Balentime's. When talking about Valentine's Day and an exchange, I told T we were going to do a project after supper and asked if he knew what Valentine's Day celebrated? As he scanned our eyes for answers, he went ahead and settled with, 'for frwiends.' Which was obviously the most precious and perfect answer, so we cheered and told him he was right, then also explained it's when we celebrate LOVE!!

We definitely felt the love when we were asked to join a Valentine exchange with blog friends from all across the country, and Canada!!
Holy-blogland-Valentine-exchange explosion.. That's right, here's another one for ya.. :)
I'm probably a little guilty of enjoying getting mail more than the ones they were actually addressed to, but I make sure to get T involved and just as excited.
Now to give you a little 'listen' into our Valentine opening session..

Toddler Talk: [Valentine Edition]

T: Oh, that's a great idea. It's a puzzle!

Holding a piece of candy..
T: Let's see what's inside!

Eating said candy..
T: I luhf this treat!

Opening another envelope..
T: Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh!

Holding another piece of candy..
T: Maybe after sup-pur?!

T: Oh what's that? It's a whhhhaaaale!

Admiring all the beautiful Valentines..
T: Look at all this birthday cards!

Asking him if he was on a sugar high..
T: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

I decided to simply hang all our beautiful Valentine's on the pantry door so we could enjoy them and most importantly, they'd at T's level for him to check out daily. They were all so beautiful, sweet, and we enjoyed each and every one!! :) 

Our Valentines were photo cards, as we planned to send them out to family, grandparents, and a few lucky friends, as well. The photo shoot for these pictures was a production in itself, including bribing with fruit snacks, a stone-cold faced little girl, and a sweaty-mess of a momma (from acting a fool trying to get real smiles).. We included little heart-handprints for each of our friends. I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a simple, personal touch, and I love anything to do with those cute little hands of theirs..
Homegirl was the least-protesting of the two, although it took both the Mr. and I prying those adorable little fingers apart and holding them in place in order to trace and get a handprint that would work. Cute, kind of a challenge, but what should we expect with a three-month old..?
Then there was Mr. T the Toddler.. I originally wanted him to color on the paper, then we'd cut the hand prints from that..
Hahaha. Let the shit-show begin. :)
He's usually pretty interested and enjoys 'projects' but this evening, he was only into it for a few minutes seconds then..

While playing with the crayons..
T: No I had'ta build a castle!

While trying to trace his hands..
T: That tickles! That hurts! I had'ta go check on Harp-purr!
In the end, the Mr. was a ROCKSTAR and traced and cut out all the handprints (after I totally messed up some because I couldn't seem to figure out how to NOT cut them totally apart). T finally came around and randomly place stickers on his handprints, as you could probably tell.. I'm happy to report I'm getting a chuckle out of all of this now, my OCD-self was a little deflated after trying to make everything picture-perfect.
In the end, it really is just about LOVE, and frwiends, of course.

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Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's day!!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday, friends!! 
We hope you have a LOVELY Valentine's Day weekend. 
We will be going on family dates, cuddling, eating (more) heart-shaped food, and giving lots of hugs and kisses..
And holding hands, ALWAYS holding hands..
So happy to call these THREE mine..!!

Retail Therapy: [Dreaming of spring]

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dang Punxsutawney Phil, making poor choices all around this year (biting the mayor AND predicting six more weeks of winter..). Even though the weather has been sunny and beautiful here the past week or so, we are expecting some cold/snow this week, and spring fever is setting in!! I'm ready for sunshine, longer days, and blooms galore!!
Here are a few things hanging out in my virtual carts, already on their way to my front door, and/or just inspiring and helping me get through these winter days, dreaming of spring..
Some super-sale finds for Homegirl..
For the little man..
Not sure what's with the Old Navy/GAP love, but it's working for us recently..
(Ohmygosh, don't get me started on all the spring/summer clothes for little girls..!!)

Remember we were looking for a new bed set? Drumroll please...
Even though it's kind of a 'bold' print, the color and reverse side help neutralize it. We both really like it and with a modest price tag (+ additional sale discounts), win/win.
Contemplating more pillows..
Hang in there peeps - only five or so more weeks left (of winter that is)..
Maybe if we all buy/dream spring-y things it'll get here sooner. :) I'm happy to give it a shot!!

It's the little things... [Us, Now]

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

For the past week or two, we've been enjoying beautifully sunny, yet crisp sunny days (like high 50s and 60s). Winter in Colorado..!! :) So, before our Sunday dinner with the Mr.'s parent's, we took a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air and an impromptu family photo shoot; complete with guest appearances from Woody and Bullseye.
These pictures are simple, nothing fancy. It's just us, now. There are many little things about these pictures that put a smile on my face..
T loves the Toy Story characters. He plays so well independently and has such an imagination, I love watching him with simple toys having so much fun. 
Homegirl's chipmunk-cheeked-chunky-monkey face topped with this knot hat. I could stare at her all day long.
Seeing myself as a mother of two. But also feeling pretty critical of this awkward post-baby-not-yet-pre-baby-body, which happens to fall into the not so little things category..
The Mr., he is such a naturally amazing father and always the most supportive husband. And so handsome. How did we get so lucky..?
Too often I hear mommas saying, 'we need to make an effort to get in pictures with our kids', and I agree..!! So here's our effort, and I like it, a real 'bulls eye', if you will. Punny punny.. :)
A beautiful evening, just being us, spending time with some of the most special little things of all.

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