Turkey Pesto Meatballs

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The other week I made these meatballs for supper and the Mr. said, 'Where'd you get these?' I told him I made them, to which he replied, 'You made these? They're pretty good.' He also asked if I followed the recipe.. Silly, Mr., of course I did, kind of.
Definitely adding this recipe to the mix, in fact they're on the menu for dinner again this week.
from Weelicious - with my modifications

1 1/4 pound ground turkey - only used one pound and it was just fine, made probably 20-some meatballs
1/4 cup pesto - pre-made from Costco is delicious and great to have on hand
1/4 cup breadcrumbs - used oatmeal instead to make gluten free
1/4 cup parmesan cheese - didn't have parmesan so just used a cheddar jack mix
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups tomato/marinara sauce - just used a can of spaghetti/marinara sauce

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place all ingredients (except tomato/marinara sauce) in bowl and using your hands, combine until well incorporated.
Pour tomato/marinara sauce into a baking dish.
Using about 1 tablespoon of the meat mixture, roll into balls and place in sauce/dish.
Cover the baking pan with foil and bake 20-25 minutes. (I actually baked mine for probably 30-40 minutes and uncovered for the last bit, but I like the tops to get a little crispy and make sure they're really done.)
Serve (with gluten free pasta or rice).

To freeze: Roll into balls and place on a cookie sheet and freeze. After 30 minutes place the par-frozen balls in a Ziploc bag, label, and freeze. When ready, defrost in fridge for 24 hours or put them straight in the oven with sauce increasing cooking time by 5 minutes.

Year of Dates: [Sushi Date]

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I planned to hijack this month's date, for part of my birthday celebrations, as we continued our year of dates. I had been craving sake sushi, so I thought that would be the perfect dinner out together.
Although cold sake is customarily higher quality, we went for some hot sake as it happened to be a blowing blizzard outside and we needed warmed up. It's also custom to NOT pour your own, so we played along and reminded each other when it was time for a refill. :)
When we were dating, we used to go out for sushi quite often, so it was fun to reminisce about that. It was entertaining to watch all the college-age kids (and younger), making good use of the all-you-can-eat option available at the restaurant; ah, how times have changed. ;) We didn't order anything too crazy, but enjoyed what we got, which included a crawfish volcano and a Colorado roll.
It was a great evening out together enjoying each other's company. 
We ended the evening stopping by a very local spot for some live music and familiar faces.

This is 30-something..

Friday, April 17, 2015

..so far, and it's pretty dang good.
Thanks for celebrating with me this week, and for reading, commenting, and stopping by, especially you regulars - you make this a pretty fun hobby/community/corner. :) xo
Happy Friday!! I'm off to do more celebrating.

Put a bow on it.. Giveaway!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yes, I'd like a bow on my gifts and on my baby. Please.
One of my new favorite things (like within the last 5 months) are bows on my baby. Homegirl wears them so well, we very rarely leave the house without one. I wasn't sure I'd be good at this girl stuff, but we've got it figured out just fine.
I didn't know where to start with our bow game, so I'd ask around, check out brands/shops linked by others that I liked, search on Etsy. I wanted something simple, versatile, affordable, and not 2x the size of Homegirl's head. Enter ZoZuBaby..
Heather gray // Light pink // Fresh mint
Bows: ZozuBaby c/o
I love the colors, the skinny band, and the classic shape. I seriously cannot get enough of these headbands on Homegirl. They've quickly become her daily go-to accessory.
Don't let the delicate little accessory fool you; these have been through the hands of toddlers and to/from daycare for a few weeks now and are just as picture perfect as the day they arrive (picture-perfectly) packaged.
Not only are they adorable and great products, Sandy has been such a pleasure to interact with; she's also apparently super-woman because she's a wife, mother of two, wedding coordinator, and shop owner. Check out the print on these corduroy bows?! This braided headband, currently sitting in my cart. She didn't forget about the BOYS - magnetic bow ties?!
Disclosure: These bows were given to me free of charge. Opinions and bow obsessions are my own.
Sandy at ZozuBaby has offered a $15 shop credit to one of our readers!! Enter below.
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Tax Day Giveaway

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

One of my favorite days of the year, tax day; hope ya'll got them done.
Also, my birthday. :) 
And on a totally unrelated note, today we're giving away a Star-beezy gift card!!
Someone called peonies, 'girl catnip' the other day, and not only did I think that was hilarious but I would say Starbucks falls into that same category - more specifically mom-blogger catnip. Ain't no shame in the game, I'm right there with ya!! :)
A chance at a Starbucks drink (and a half, maybe), depending on how fancy you order.. :) 
Enter below.

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Piecing together a puzzle..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Did you think that post title was something metaphoric for a deep, thought-provoking post?
(I suppose I could reference how blogger is a puzzle to me because I have a little housekeeping item to touch on..)
Ok, so I feel extremely stoopid... Comments and replying - I thought when I 'reply' to all your comments it was emailing them back to you and apparently not. I always wondered why mine show up on my post and no one else's did, I thought it was just a setting thing. No and DUH. I'm so sorry (and embarrassed) I didn't have this figured out. From here on out I'll do what all normal people do and reply via email. Make sure you're all straightened out with your profile settings so your email address is tied to your comment and I can reply via email - check out this simple tutorial to make sure you're good to go.
Thank you Liz for helping get me into the 21st century. Slowly, but surely. Again, my apologies. 

Now back to birthday week fun..!!
Today we're going to give away one of T's favorite things. 
 For Christmas, we got him this 12-piece puzzle; I wasn't sure what to expect as far as him 'getting' it, being into it or even wanting to do it and figure it out. To my surprise (and entertainment), he was interested, and after working with the Mr. on it a few times, he was doing it all on his own!! We then got a 24-piece and with a little more encouragement he took on the additional pieces and has now mastered that puzzle as well.
It's been fun to watch how he learns, concentrates, and executes - sometimes he'll place the corner pieces first, other time's he just starts with a random side piece and builds off that.
Either way, it's been a fun learning and family activity, as well as something he'll do on his own.. Each time it ends with high-fives, 'I did it!', 'way to go!', and one little toddler feeling extremely proud. Even if you think your little one might not 'get' something, give it a shot as they just may surprise you (and themselves)!! If it's not quite their cup of tea yet, put it away and try again later; because let's be honest, these puzzles have sat in pieces overnight a few times since two and a half-year old frustration is REAL (for example why we only got pictures doing the farm puzzle this time).

So, to share the love, we're giving away a 24-piece puzzle to one of our readers!! Enter below.

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Weekend Wear: [Freshly Picked Review/Giveaway]

Monday, April 13, 2015

Flower headband: MLSPhotoWorksShop
Top: GAP (old)
Moccasins: Freshly Picked c/o
Besides already being smitten with this little sweetheart, the simple thing of now being able to put her in short sleeve/sleeveless tops has been a highlight, I mean check out her roll-y guns!! The girl's deltoids and biceps are pretty perfect. 
Speaking of perfect, let's talk about these moccasins.. I'm pretty sure you all know about Freshly Picked, and I'm pretty sure you can guess how excited I was to partner with them to review a pair of moccasins. Since first hearing about this company and Susan's story, I was always impressed and interested--how fun are their new printscollections, and collaborations?! Now that I've interacted with the company and got their product in hand, I'm even more sold.
 I decided Homegirl needed something fun and girly and went for the Salt Water Taffy moccasins (which FP noted the other day, this color has been restocked in all sizes for the very last time).
This color; it's mouth-watering-ly vibrant, and of course has me snapping, leaning and rockin' wit it when I say 'taffy'..
 I'm not sure how else to describe the quality, color, and leather, except luxe. For our household and spending tendencies, these are on the high-end for baby/toddler 'shoes', however I believe you are getting what you pay for in this product. I think it's a fun and special splurge that not only adds a unique 'splash' to a wardrobe, but also will be keepsakes. I love seeing the little prints that become ingrained in the soles and can't wait to look back on them someday once she's put in enough steps to leave her mark.
 Even though these are a little big on Homegirl, they stay on and will fit for quite a while longer. The construction of these moccasins are perfect for little feet that are always on the move and seem to be growing by the second. They are easy-on, versatile, and so dang cute - they give those arm rolls a run for their money!!
Disclosure: These moccasins were given to me free of charge. 
Opinions and arm-rolls are my (and Homegirl's) own. 

To celebrate my birthday week, it's also giveaway week..!!
Freshly Picked is starting the party off right and has offered a free pair of moccasins to one of our readers!! Enter below.
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Shopping: [Flats]

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Even at 5'10", I love to wear a good heel/wedge (benefits of having a 6'6" husband, he's still always taller). :) But lately, between keeping up with the fam and/or lugging around toddler+baby, plus my casual work atmosphere, I'm becoming a much bigger fan of my flats. I still want to keep it fun and fashionable, so I'm thinking I need to add to my collection in celebration of spring/summer!!
I'm not prejudiced and love a good deal, a Target or Old Navy shoe, but I also want to start investing in better, classic pieces (that will last more than a season) since I tend to really wear them, so quality is important. Last year, I bought my first pair of Tory Burch flats, the Reva (on a great sale, of course); however, due to some bigger-pregnant feet, I didn't get much use last year; so I am looking forward to breaking them out again soon. 
Otherwise, I'm currently looking for a good black and/or animal print flat for my go-to uniform. Between some fun-money burning a hole in my pocket and my upcoming birthday, here are a few I'm considering..

I was hoping this pair would be a winner for the current trend, but after trying on in store, I didn't find the fit too great.

Toms // Kenneth Cole Espadrille

Aldo Locadi

Where is your go-to for shoe shopping?
Any great brands you've had success with (price/style/comfort/quality)?

Easter 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend. It was full of the best family-time, as well as some of my new favorite pictures.

Helping make Grandpa's birthday cake
Afternoon walks and story time
Special time admiring this sweetie pie
Birthday celebrations for this special guy. He is the most amazing grandpa and the best dad.
These two are peas in a pod
My beautiful momma
I am/becoming my mother
The Mr. and his beautiful momma
More hunting and more goodies
I know Homegirl, I love me a good Easter basket too. :)