A 30-something year old dress

Thursday, September 24, 2015

I know, something hideously-vintage maybe comes to mind..?! But this one is NOT.
It's simple, flow-y, and just cute.. And 30-something years old.
This little tropical number was my sister and I's when we were kids.
Now, to get all sentimental - it was brought back from Hawaii, along with another matching print dress, for us by my Grandma.
That's right, Grandma that Homegirl and I got our middle name from.
So needless to say, watching her in this dress led to nothing but a big lump in my throat as I imagined how tickled my grandma would be seeing another precious little girl wearing it.
Elastic headband: June Park
One of the things I was looking forward to with a little girl, was being able to pass some things along to her-clothes, jewelry, wedding dress(?!).. And so it begins, and it's as cute and fun as I had imagined!!
As you can see Homegirl was thoroughly distracted - grass, leaves, big bro playing at the water table five feet away (which she eventually ended up in, of course!).. So a similar pose/looking at the camera was not in the cards this day, but I kind of like just looking at the little details of her in the dress.

Me-3mo (in matching dress/same print) // Homegirl-10mo

Toddler Talk

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lots of fun little things from our sweet boy to catch up on and document.
T definitely keeps us on our toes, smiling, and never quite sure what will come next.. 

Getting a glimpse inside (a younger) Homegirl's mouth..
T: You don't have any teeth in there..!!

Driving to family's for dinner..
T: We're almost there Harper.

Trying to think of the work 'exercise', after having played with the etch-a-sketch..
T: Exer-sketch

As he grasps concepts of time, everything happens..
T: 'Last night' or 'last morning'

Commonly used phrase - 'Kinda like', talking about Homegirl's new scrunch-y face..
T: Harper's kinda like mad face.

While upstairs playing and I was downstairs finishing dishes..

After a few too many birthday treats..
T: My belly button hurts.

Summer evenings lead to..
T: I have a skeeto bite.

When I asked him why we don't pick our nose..
T: 'Cause it will get stuck and we can't read books or play with our toys or give hugs..

On the way home from school, as we rode quietly in the car..
Momma: Do you have anything you want to say?
T: No.
Momma: Harper?
T: We're both tired.

Wheelin' and dealin'..
T: Ok! Here's the deal..

As I picked him up from school, wearing a maxi dress..
T: Did you dance..?

Commonly said with a sigh..
T: I played hard.

Instead of saying, 'how come?' he would say..
T: Why because?

At least he's using his manners..
T: 'scuse (excuse) me! That was my butt, said BURP!!

Summer Lovin': [Photostrip]

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Mr.'s family has a tradition of going to Fargo's for pizza, playing in the arcade, and watching the player piano. There's also an old-fashioned photo booth and this summer's visit was a perfect time to get an updated family strip.
Squishing our family into that booth, then waiting for it to print, now looking at these little photos everyday on our fridge, brings such a smile to my face.
T stole the show with the most picture perfect cheek kiss!!
What was almost as good, was coming home and comparing it to our last photo strip, from two years ago, and noticing we sequentially made the exact expressions, literally.. So original. :)
Happy Friday, friends!!

Thursday Things...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let's just be honest. Let's just be real. And on that ghetto-music-video note, the song's my (recent) jam and leading me into some random Thursday things...

I'd always considered dreamt of being a music video girl and/or rapper, I know, totally inappropriate ;)

I countdown til 2/3pm each day when I make myself an afternoon-pick-me-up-coffee
I'm terrible at (making time to or actually) reading books so I've started searching YouTube for free audio versions and listening to them while I work

I listened to The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, a little hokey but I now want to get rid of half of our household and totally clear out my closet

There are still maternity clothes in my closet

I'm already looking at ideas for Homegirl's birthday party (think pumpkins..!!), she's going to be ONE and I can't believe it

Too often I want to UNPLUG.. But I just can't stop checking Instagram

I ridiculously overthink what we'll wear for our family photos; they are a month away and I'm so ridiculously excited

I don't want to be skinny, I want to be strong; currently sore as hell, trying to get back into those workouts

The priest at my hometown parish gave a homily about how/when to make time for God/prayer, because we're all so 'busy'.. Bottom line--get your @$$ up and do it

'Busy' is so overused and over-glorified. Makes me cringe, everyone is busy and probably always will be, get over it

Oops, it's only Thursday, not soap-box Saturday..Probably time to wrap it up. :)

Any random thoughts? What do you wanna be honest/real about..?

Summer Lovin': [Movie Night Party]

Thursday, September 3, 2015

We've been having a great summer, making memories and having a blast. One wild and crazy Saturday night we had a simple, yet killer and budget friendly, movie night party for T and his cousin.
Here are a few things we did to make it a memorable occasion..
Themed goodies!!
(Last minute homemade) movie tickets, (jiffy pop) popcorn, treats and crazy cups - the boys' eyes lit up as soon as they saw all the fun goodies on display, welcoming them to movie night.
No need to go over the top, just showing excitement and making a big deal about the 'party' and doing a few things a little out of the ordinary makes for a special time.
(We had gone to the Dollar Store and let T pick out the fun goodies for the evening. That was an event in itself!! He kept saying, 'I fink we should put this in the cart!' Cheap and memorable!!)  
 Burn some energy!!
In reality, the time together was the reason for the 'party' (not the movie). So we got outside and ran/wrestled/played, had a dance party!!
Make a point to INTERACT and have fun before winding down for the evening.
Get comfy!!
We set up a blow up mattress on the floor in the living room, complete with lots of pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets, to help set the mood and make for a fun/different atmosphere. They even got to jump around and get a little crazy in honor of the special occasion!!
It would be fun to set up a little teepee/tent or make a fort to cozy up in while watching the movie.
Sit back and enjoy!!
Turn down the lights, fill up the popcorn bowls, grab your cocktail (adults only) and relax. :)

Chatting about these books..

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I've been meaning to talk about getting those beautiful pictures we all have (peacefully sitting in our computer/phones), in. the. flesh.. Here's a perfect opportunity!!
Let me start off by saying--
Not sponsored.
Take action FAST (special deal only available through Labor Day).


Not sure there's much else to say..!!
I signed up for a subscription a few months back as I've become quite terrible in getting any prints made and this was the perfect concept to have them pretty much done for me, requiring minimal attention on my end. Get all your questions answered here--but to summarize, once there are 60 pictures/pages up to be printed (from your Instagram account) you'll receive an email notification that the next book is about to print, then there is an opportunity to remove/add, customize cover, captions, etc. Then it's printed and shipped (free!). Easy. Peasy. 
This small, family owned business is about to launch '2.0' and this summer the price per book is going up +$2. I got an email this week, giving what's probably one of the last chances to get grandfathered in at the original price of $6/book (for at least an additional two years), PLUS get your first two books free with code GRANDPA.
 So, go sign up and you're welcome!!
If you miss the cutoff, you can still get your first book free using my referral code N997E6WH (and I'll get a $1 credit, THANKS!!), or try using both coupon codes and we'll all win/win..?!. ;)