A Selfish Start

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Remember last month? The New Year? January 2016? I know, it flew by. 
By now, there shouldn't be as many accidental 2015-typos, resolutions are still--kind of--on the mind, and our Colorado winter has finally arrived.

The New Year was good to us, low-key, and we started in a selfish way. 
Let me explain.

Due to some work/daycare schedules, we ended up leaving the kids with my family for almost a week between Christmas and the New Year. It happened to be the first time I left Homegirl, and I felt unprepared, I forgot their suitcase (YES, of their clothes), and I cried unreasonably about it all.

They were just fine, and we were, selfishly, just fine. We ate late dinners of frozen pizza in front of the TV, worked late and ran errands past bedtime, and used every restaurant coupon/gift card burning a hole in my wallet. It was revitalizing, freeing, yet incredibly lonely, and just what the Mr. and I needed.
It was time just for us and uninterrupted conversation. 
We missed our little hooligans fiercely and stepping in their still and quiet bedrooms would almost bring tears to my eyes, but the time apart was good for us all. Our parenting cups were filled up and I had more patience than I knew was available.

The kids seemed to age months once we picked them up - T was communicating and expressing verbally more than I remembered he ever had before, and Homegirl WALKED over to greet us. 

Only a few weeks later, we were off again, for a more planned 'getaway' - a work trip to Las Vegas. I had the cutest travel partner, the Mr. got to join!! 
It was a Vegas experience we hadn't had before, compared to our broke college visits in years past. As I mentioned on IG, it wasn't necessarily better, just different. Both fun as hell, but let's just say there was A LOT more wine and dinin' this trip.
We made it back home, together, and back into the hectic-ness of life trying to keep up and catch up. Our selfish start was great for us all, parents and kids alike. 

The saying 'distance makes the heart grow fonder', comes to mind as maybe we all need to take some time to be a little selfish; for in the end it brings out a most generous heart, and when it comes to parenting, the love is unconditional but sometimes the energy, patience, and outlook can take a little re-charging.


  1. This sounds pretty amazing! Though I've raised Noah to be so reliant on me that I think we'd have a harder time if we tried to leave him for more than a day. I'll just live vicariously through you :)

  2. That trip sounds amazing!! So glad you got some adult time. Yay for you girl!

  3. Absolutely!! I come home from trips refreshed as a mom and ready to spend tons of quality time with the kids. It's definitely good for the soul to take breaks every now and then.

  4. I completely agree!!! You go girl! I'm so happy that you had some 'me' time and some time just with the husband. These days we barely get any time away from the kids, and while that can be good, that can also be bad. SO glad you got to have that time to refresh and recharge!

  5. Your recharge sounds so absolutely, positively amazing. I'm so glad you had that time with just the Mr.
    Also. Vegas!!!! Your trip looked so fun! And yes, college Vegas is so different than adult Vegas.

  6. This sounds nice! I'm so glad you were able to get away and recharge!

  7. Vegas without kids sounds amazing! And we are so hard on ourselves as moms. I would have cried about forgetting the suitcase too even though it's just clothes.