And the winner is..

Friday, February 12, 2016

Well I'll tell you who is NOT.. That's Pinterest. Sometimes, Pinterest DOESN'T win. 
Sometimes the weeks are long, yet fly by, and you haven't prepared an elaborate plan for the upcoming 'holiday' for your 3 and 1 year old. As I've said before, it's a good thing our kids aren't on social media.. They might wonder where their Valentine's Day mailboxes/baskets/parties are, or where the 6-layer ombre red/pink cake with fireworks shooting out of it is.. 
Pinterest doesn't always win.
But the Target Dollar Spot? Usually, 75% of the time, is chalking up a 'W' for this momma.
Cute cards, hand-written notes, a morning-of iPhone photo (printed at work), and taped inside (cute washi tape, of course!), did the trick for our loved ones this year.

Oh, and cake-mix cookies. That's right, I didn't even measure out the flour myself. I opened the box and poured it in the bowl and mixed with as few other ingredients as possible. But they're pink, have chocolate chips (and draw in a particular little boy like a moth to a flame)!!

No glitter-explosion, special deliveries (that I know of..?), or singing telegrams, not this year anyway. We WILL be basking in hugs, kisses, lots of LOVE, and I will definitely be taking a heart-shaped cookie cutter to whatever I can. And maybe a special surprise/treat or two, because honestly, any excuse to spoil our favorite two little ones..
Happy Valentine's Day weekend, friends!!

Thanks everyone who entered our giveaway and follow along.
The winner is Julie R, congrats!!


  1. The Dollar Spot was a massive hit in our world, too. In fact, all of the Valentines Marcus exchanged at his school party were courtesy of the Dollar Spot. Sorry kiddos, no fancy-schmancy stuff from my kid this year. :)
    Hope you all have the best Valentine's Weekend!!

  2. Ha, yes! Target always wins! I'll actually be throwing together a few things while Liam is out skiing today. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

  3. Girl, the valentine's that I got for Mason for his school weren't technically from the dollar spot, but they should have been because they were a box of paper airplane valentines for $3. Yep, no Pinterest craft from me either! After those dang penguins... it was all I could muster up :)
    But yours??? Yours turned out SO CUTE. Target dollar spot and morning of pictures for the win!

  4. LOVE the dollar spot! And they are just TOO cute!

  5. The Target Dollar Spot has been on point lately!! (I feel so old saying "On Point" - haha)

  6. I have been avoiding Target lately so I don't spend $40 in the "dollar" spot. Ha! So fun for Julie!! I guess I have to buy our next pair of mocs! :) xo

  7. dollar spot is kind of nailing Easter now too. I think better than Vday. I had to contain myself from buying the whole place.
    Although I think you need a 6 layer firework cake for St. Pats. Make it green.

  8. Yes to all of your perfect v day plans!