Simple Sledding

Friday, February 5, 2016

We've had some real interesting weather this winter - everything from little flurries, rain, and 60 degree weather.. So when there was finally some substantial snow available (and on the weekend!!), we bundled up and headed out for some simple, front yard sledding!! 
During Homegirl's morning nap, T got some special attention as he and the Mr. built a little slope and frolicked in the snow.
It was a blast - sledding, snapping pics, and watching the pure joy T had doing the most basic winter activity. No elaborate hill, gear, or group of kids; just T and the Mr. being goofy. I loved the enthusiasm and giggles that filled the chilly air.
Of course, it wasn't long before there was bigger jumps and dad-tricks!!
It all made for a simple and fun Saturday morning.


  1. Ha ha! Dad jumps and the creativity of the sledding. Love it! What they come up with cracks me up.

  2. SO FUN!!!! I always see Laura's snaps of sledding with Liam and am so jealous you guys can just go right outside and do fun things like that. Of course, at the same time, I'm glad that there's no snow right out my front door because I wouldn't know what to do lol, but you know what I mean. I love these sledding pictures and am so happy that it happened on a weekend!!! (I know you know what I mean) for you all to be able to enjoy it!

  3. The jumps are just cracking me up! This is totally what my husband wants to do! Noah right now is so timid to even go down a mini hill, so the stunts will have to wait. But isn't it a true joy watching the boys have fun together!

  4. Dad tricks, love it! And beautiful photos of the sledding!

  5. haha so fun! Much easier then packing up to head to the nearest attraction for sledding.