Easter 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

We had a wonderful Easter weekend filled with family, fun, and of course, our faith (which is the reason for the celebration)!!
As Catholics, the Easter season is a time for a lot of church, starting on Holy Thursday, then Good Friday, and Easter Mass Sunday morning. It makes for some quick suppertimes and late nights, but also good opportunities to talk within our family about what we believe.
I often find myself struggling with relating or simplifying some of the concepts and explanations of holidays for a three-year old. This year we simply talked about how Jesus died and then he rose from the dead. Morbid? Maybe, but death is real and it's sad and it is what happened. Tyson seemed to get it and was remembering what we talked about. It made us so proud to hear him share what is was we were celebrating!!
The weekend started on Friday at my parents' with cousin-time, church, and wonderful meals together. Oh and dying eggs, of course.
My mom always has a funky new way of trying to dye eggs. This year it was mixing some food coloring with dried beans/lentils/etc. and shaking the egg in a bag with it. It created a fun speckled look and was a good kid-friendly, minimal-mess method.
These little ones were sure spoiled with awesome and thoughtful Easter baskets at every stop.
Happy Easter!!
At nap time, we loaded up and headed back for Easter-fun with Dan's parents. My MIL put confetti eggs in all of our baskets and they. were. so. much. fun!!
My Homegirl
There were snowball fights (because spring in Colorado = snow), more egg-dying, cocktails, and another delicious meal.
It was most definitely a wonderful holiday weekend!!


  1. What a great family photo! And shaking the eggs in dye and beans definitely sounds like it would create a fun effect! Nice to change it up every once in a whil. And how perfect to do the confetti at your in-laws and keep the mess out of your house ;)

  2. Those confetti eggs are awesome and look like so much fun! Love love the family picture! What a wonderful celebration you had with all of your family.

  3. I’ve never heard of that method of dyeing eggs! I love finding new ways. Last year we used kool-aid! They made for some vivid colored eggs. Love the family picture of you guys – so beautiful!! Looks like a great weekend!

  4. Look at all that confetti! So awesome!

    What a great family picture!

  5. Such a great family photo of the four of you! And those confetti eggs look like so much fun! (Well, minus the cleaning part.)

  6. Sounds like you had a great Easter!!! Love all the pictures and especially the confetti eggs! I bet those were a pain to clean up but they look so fun! I need to get some for next year :)
    LOVE that family photo!!