Easter Baskets 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I'm sure I've mentioned, but I just love this time of year. After the solemnity of Lent and dreary, cold winter, Easter is a breath of fresh air!! It's is such a joy-filled and hopeful time in our faith and - well I was going to say something about the beautiful Spring weather and budding flowers, but I'm pretty sure we're going to have a white Easter this year, so forget that. Yes, white as in snow.

My mom always put together sweet Easter baskets for us, nothing extravagant, but always special nonetheless - yummy treats and some kind of unique gift that had me anxious to jump out of bed in the morning to check it out. Those memories are fond for me, so I especially enjoy putting together baskets for our kids in hope of creating those special moments too.
This year's baskets are rather simple, including a few 'need' items.

Homegirl's Basket
Flutter sleeve tee // Floral peplum
Shoes // Bows // Water bottle // Bubbles

Tyson's Basket
Striped polo // Raptor tee // The Good Dinosaur
 Treats // Water bottle // Bubbles
They each needed water bottles for on-the-go. 
Homegirl can never have enough bows (and I'm a little nostalgic that they're a gift we always give her).
The Good Dinosaur was the first movie we took Tyson to in theaters, so we knew we wanted to get that for him when it came out.
I can't wait to watch their faces as they go through their goodies.

It was funny looking back at last year's baskets and seeing very similar items, down to the gray striped polo and bows. What can I say.. I've got good taste. ;)

He is risen!! Happy Easter!!

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  1. I find I put similar things into my baskets each year too! A new water bottle is always a good idea :)

  2. I put similar things in my children's baskets too. Funny how we do that. Great goodies! Both kids are going to be so happy on Easter morning. My mom always made our Easter baskets special. It wasn't any extravagent like you said, but I was always excited. We needed water bottles too. :)

  3. Great Easter basket goodies! Those little pink shoes are too precious!!

  4. We did a water bottle for Cash, too! Have you guys seen the Good Dinosaur? We love it at our house!

  5. Great Grandma got Aria the Good Dino and she watched it once and that was it. I was hoping she'd like it a bit more but maybe it will be one day. Kids and their whims.

  6. Those pink bow flats have my heart! I want to see the Good Dinosaur, I heard its a tear jerker though and Im a big crier ;)

  7. Love what you put together for them! Especially Harper's shoes! That color is gorgeous!

  8. Great baskets! I adore those sweet little pink shoes. I need a girl! ;)