Spring Cleaning and Organizing: [Best Playroom Storage]

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring is in the air and the desire to organize, freshen, and clean up is in full force!!
As I have been planning and (slowly) working on a mini-makeover for our playroom, I knew we needed a new piece of furniture for our space - a sturdy piece with shelves, storage space, and of course, a reasonable price tag.

I was able to find the BEST playroom storage piece, that fit in perfectly with some simple concepts I keep in mind when organizing our play space.
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Looking at storage for kids' spaces, the traditional toy box is certainly a good option, a big space to contain and hide toys of all shapes and sizes. However, playtime seems to often end with all toys being thrown out, in order to find that one particular thing at the very bottom. I've always loved the idea of cubbies, functional and attractive. We had a flimsy-style cubby unit in the space, but 'needed' something larger in order to accommodate our growing kids (and collection) and make better use of the room.

 Ikea came to the rescue with the BEST piece for playroom storage, the Kallax shelving unit.
I showed the Mr., and to my pleasant surprise, he loved it and was totally on board, no questions asked - well, except when I suggested we get the green one (so fun, right?!). We went with the 'birch effect' unit, and also grabbed four of these canvas drawer-like boxes, and ABSOLUTELY love it!!

Why it's so great:
Deep cubbies, great space
Attractive, simple design
Ability to display or hide storage
Thick sides, stout build
Only $64.99
(Do you have a smaller space but still need storage? Go for the 4-cubby, smaller version Kallax, same great style and super affordable at only $34.99.) 

Tips for playroom storage
I'm no pro, but here are a few things I keep in mind to help maintain an organized and clean playroom.

Stay organized, stay functional
I am big on keeping the same types and pieces of toys together, this way it can be played with as it's intended to be. Staying 'organized' cuts down on looking, dumping, and tossing toys aside while trying to find certain pieces, as well as making the most of and 'valuing' toys.
The drawers in our unit include one for all things kitchen/food/dishes toys, one for dinosaurs, and the other two for each kid and their various, more random toys (dolls, trucks, tools, etc.).
Keeping an organized space can help with clean-up also, as everything has a place and (as we've seen in our house) the kids will get to know where things go and have a sense of pride and responsibility as they put all things in its place.

Keep in reach
While I love having 'hidden' storage, keeping some toys on display and in view is also a good thing. Kids are easily drawn in when they can see the toys available to play with, so catch their attention and keep it in their reach. This will allow them to entertain themselves, be independent, and also be able to help with clean-up.
 I especially like to keep books out - not only would a drawer be too heavy, but I always want them to be readily available for little hands to grab and flip through. I also like to display new toys and things that I know are a favorite and can hold particular little ones' attention for a decent amount of time.

Keep it simple 
Feeling overwhelmed or overtaken with toys? It may be for good reason.. Seriously take a look at all you have and decide if some things need tossed, sold/given away, or stored.
Involve your little one when going through a particular pile of toys and talk about the concept of giving to those in need.
Get some plain, large Rubbermaids, fill up with the toys/books that won't fit in your space/shelves, then store in the garage/basement; every few weeks/month trade out what's in your playroom (sort by theme or seasonally) and watch as your kids' faces light up like Christmas morning when they see new toys and books in their playroom!!

Not only does a clean and organized space help my sanity, but it makes for a fun and entertaining space for my kids on their own, and us as a family.

What are you favorite playroom storage pieces and tips?

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  1. I love how that turned out Laureen! Those are the best shelves. We have the cube one in our playroom and love it. i want to get on like that for Emmy's room when she's older to use for storage and a window seat.

  2. We have the same storage unit! I'd have them all over my house if I could. haha!

  3. This is so perfect!! I am about the redo our entire playroom since Louise is now mobile, and these tips are so helpful!!

  4. Totally agree! We have many Kallax units in our house because they are perfect for storing all the toys!!!

  5. I have heard so many great things about that ikea piece! I am contemplating getting it to put in the nursery closet.

  6. We have three of those Ikea pieces in our house, they're THE BEST!!!! Thank you for these tips!

  7. We have three of those Ikea pieces in our house, they're THE BEST!!!! Thank you for these tips!

  8. Completely agree the Ikea Kallax is the best kids playroom solution ever! Love your tips and your playroom looks adorable.

  9. Love these tips, love that shelving! We have built-ins along the wall in our playroom and bins scattered throughout, which helps a ton with keeping crap off the floor, but it's never as organized as this! Love it! I want to come over and play.

  10. I desperately need a solution for my daughters toys - it's out of control. I love this shelving unit but it is too low for where I need it. Love how you styled this!

  11. This is a great idea, love it! I'm in need for this organization and nice look too!

  12. Your playroom looks SO nice!! We had a great space in our old house and used the expedit too...it's perfect! Now it's in our unfinished basement (yuck)...and although we still play down there a lot, I'm really itching to finish it so we have a place like this to go!

  13. Love the storage unit. We're getting ready to buy one for our girls' room and one for our family room!

  14. This is so great, another reason to love ikea!!!

  15. I adore your Ikea unit! That is my next purchase want. Do you have any tips on toy rotation?

  16. It looks so neat & tidy and ready to play! Imwe have some similar shelving units and I love them. Everything stays organized and my boys can see all the toys instead of digging away in great big never ending baskets or bins.

  17. Is the Kallax the new version of the Expedit? Because if so, that's what we have!! We use it as a TV stand as well as a storage for all of Mason's toys. I was actually telling Seth that we need another one!! (He has SO MUCH STUFF and we have SO LITTLE storage!). LOVE how you organized!!

  18. Love these for playroom storage so much! WE have a HUGE one in our playroom and I feel like we still need more space. My goal when I'm maternity leave later this summer is to organize the cabinets underneath the built in shelves in our family room and I think I'm going to buy out the dollar store with little plastic tubs and put my label maker to use! Thanks for posting!

  19. Great tips! That Ikea storage unit is awesomesauce. I need to invest in one of those for Mason's room!

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