You, Currently: [Homegirl, 16 months]

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Oh, Harper-noodle. I could stare at your sweet face all day.
Those chunky cheeks.. So kissable!!
The way your tears hold on to your lashes or stay put after running down your face after a good cry.. Quite the dramatic effect.

You've got THE BEST stone look/poker face, and the cutest little closed-mouth grin, once you finally soften up. The scrunched up kissy-face you make is so silly-cute and you are so generous with those kisses to me, your dad, and Tyson.You learned to give a REAL hug, and of course, Tyson is the most usual recipient; you reach your arms out and dive into his as you squeeze, pat, and hold on.
You've started to sign consistently and they are the most adorable little gestures, even if they get a little mixed up sometimes - please, thank you, bath, more, milk.
You know some animal noises; the shape of your mouth, the tone of the sounds, the concentration on your face when you make the prompted noise - it's too adorable and it makes us all so proud!!

You're dramatic, strong, and so sweet. You love to be picked up and point and make your signature little noise that means, 'go!' 'what's that?' 'gimmie that!' 'that way!' etc. You reach up to us and say, 'up-puh!', it's pretty hard to resist.

You LOVE your brother, most of the time. You'll reach over, pat, and rest your hand on him while you guys watch a show and/or sit right on him. He's so patient with you. You're also quick to screech at him to scare him off if he's bothering you or trying to take something from you, but you've got quite the grip/pull if you want to fight him for something!!
Your hugs, kisses, and sweet snuggles just melt me. 
There is such a beautiful life ahead for you. Have courage and be kind.
We love you so much!!


  1. Oh, these are the sweetest photos! I love bath pictures! She is adorable!

  2. Love hearing about the relationship between her and Tyson!

  3. Oh she is just the sweetest thing! And baby sign is one of my most favorite things ever!!!

  4. SO sweet!!! She sounds like the happiest, most fun, lovable, sweet girl. I bet seeing her truly hug Tyson is the BEST in the whole world!