You, Currently: [Tyson, 3.5 years old]

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Oh, Tyson. You are so interesting.
You are sweet, smart, and challenging. Some of the things you remember/recall, amaze me!! You love to learn and it's as though wheels are always turning. You can recite prayers, books/stories, read letters/numbers, and you're very athletic. You are creative, energetic, and loving. You are learning to be funny and love to get a laugh.
You make us SO proud.
You like to come into the room and say, 'I have something important to tell you!' I'm always excited to hear what you have to say. Then there's, 'ONE more thing!' as you hold up your pointer finger and explain 'one more thing' to us.

Each night you recite your prayers, the same I prayed with my family as a child; again, you make me so proud. The way you say, 'good night, mom' in a soft and gentle voice as I leave the room after tucking you into bed is the perfect close to the day with you.

You get yourself dressed in the mornings (sometimes I set out clothes for you to pick from, sometimes you get your own outfit together) and make your bed (my favorite part is how you tuck the sheet into the bed frame and it looks so neat and orderly). Your new favorite thing is to change your clothes right away once we get home; you'll ask if you can go 'shhange' and get into some comfy clothes (basketball shorts and a t-shirt) as quick as you can.

You are SUCH a sweet big brother. I've said it since the beginning and it still rings true, you were made to be a big brother. You love to be the FIRST one to check on and get Harper up in the morning. You sing to her when she cries, chase her, give kisses, encourage and cheer for her when she learns new things. You also can't resist telling her to 'spit' (blow raspberries), and/or do other little things that you know better than to tell her to do. You occasionally get rough with her, but are quick to 'shh-shh' her if she starts to whine/cry due to your antics, or ask if she's going to be ok. You love her hugs and kisses.
You bring so much joy to our family!!
You will do great things. Have courage and be kind.
We love you so much.


  1. Happy half! He's such a sweetheart. Love that he makes his bed =)

  2. Happy half birthday sweet boy! I can't believe the kids are already halfway to four. FOUR. Seems so old :(
    Tyson seems like such an amazing, sweet, caring, wonderful kid! And I love that he loves being a big brother so much!

  3. Ellie liked the pictures of cousin Tyson! :)

  4. Gah, he has just the best smile! He reminds my so so much of my Liam!