Five on Friday

Friday, April 15, 2016

Another week has flown by (I use the term 'flown' loosely..). I thought I'd give this 'five on Friday' thing a try, kind of a compilation of whatever's going on or on my mind. I'm good at random and I'm really good at Fridays, so here we go..!!

Tax Day, is usually today and how you can remember my birthday, however this year it's actually on April 18.. Thankfully you've got a few extra days to file, but it is still MY BIRTHDAY..!! The one month weekend day I love to soak in some special attention and be obnoxious about celebrating ME. Big thanks to my parents who made me possible and all family and friends who put up with me. Really though, I'm not that bad..

Gifts and special deliveries - one of my favorite parts of birthdays!! :) There isn't much better than receiving a special card and surprise in the mail from special people, including from the sweetest friend (who I haven't even 'met'. Weird?! Nah, just the awesome world/community of blogging!!).

Speaking of three, the Mr. shared this article with me about this guy's '3 glasses' project.. He took pictures of his friends before, and then after 1, 2, and 3 glasses of wine. Cracked me up. I'm thinking a link-up where we all share pictures of ourselves, one, two, three drinks in..?! Who's with me?!

Packing, planning, and prepping. As I mentioned, we are preparing for a BIG trip, I have lists coming out my ears as I make sure I don't forget anything and we are good to go. I pretty consistently over-pack, so trying to keep it to two suitcases (for the four of us) is taking some intentional attention, read: outfit planning in full effect. I have this and this coming my way, I hope they are keepers!! I also got these for Tys and these for Homegirl - they're perfect staples that we can mix up with a few different tops.
So, help me out, tell me.. 
How do you outfit plan for trips? Best packing tips? What are your favorite versatile, spring-y, and/or travel pieces?

On the traveling note, I need all your tips and advice on traveling with kids; this is actually our first time flying with both Tys and Harp. From what I've heard so far, it seems to be all about snacks and activities, so that's our plan (except one of the long legs is supposed to be our night-time so we all need to sleep...).
So, help me out, tell me..
Please share advice/tips!! Favorite airplane activities, tips and tricks for (international) travel with little ones, as well as any secrets to jet-laggin' with toddlers.
Tyson in an airport in 2013

Happy weekend, friends!!


  1. Happy Birthday Laureen!! I hope you have an excellent day. There is something pretty special about a sweet gift in the mail. I love all of the things you are planning to pack. I am impressed that you are taking 2 kiddos overseas. I don't have that comfort yet. You guys will have so much fun! We haven't flown with the kids yet, so I have no tips other than what you already said.

  2. Happy, happy birthday friend!!! I was going to ask if you got my present in the mail but I saw it in the picture ;) I hope you have the best day and get spoiled all day and all weekend!!
    I agree on the link up for the picture taking after drinking. That would be so funny!
    And sadly, no tips. We haven't even taken Mason on a plane yet... oops! Next year when we go to Florida for our cruise will be the first time so I'll probably be asking you for advice! I think he'll love it but I'm just worried he'll kick the seat in front of him constantly and we'll get kicked off our flight! Lol.

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! I wish I had traveling tips but we haven't flown with Abbie yet so I have none - good luck and hope you get lots of great advice!

  4. Happy birthday! Have a great weekend and a fabulous trip!!! I don't really have any advice on packing (I'm a huge over packer)...or traveling with kids (I've only done that once when both boys were still lap passengers).

  5. Happy Happy Happy Birthday sweet lady! I hope you have the best day. The blogging community is amazing. I love the 1,2,3 project and now I am so curious how my pictures would look. Ha. Have an amazing weekend!!

  6. Happy Birthday! That wine photo challenge sounds hilarious! As for traveling, good luck! iPad always comes in handy. Have a buckle turtle that usually keeps Noah entertained for a while and doesn't take up too much space.

  7. I saw the three glasses project and it totally needs to be a link up! I think everyone looks the best after 2 glasses! And no big tips for traveling, but I will say that I finding super easy. We've always traveled a lot, so it's just a pet of having kids. For sleeping on planes, we just did as much of our normal routine as we could. Read books, turn out the overhead light, snuggle up with a blanket and call it good.

  8. Happy birthday!!! And I'm so excited for your upcoming trip! I second snacks and iPads for traveling. I've never done an overnight flight with them, but we fly during naptime all the time and usually the kids don't have a problem passing out. The plane engine makes for excellent white noise! And I'm totally up for a 3 glasses link-up!!

  9. Melissa and Doug have wonderful reusable sticker books that keep us occupied for a good chunk of time! We've done a lot of traveling with out little guy (now 3) and I have a bunch of tips on my blog, but I'd say the biggest tip I can give is to pack your flexibility, extra diapers and sense of humour (cause you never know what's going to happen). Good luck!

  10. I hope you had a great birthday!
    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun...enjoy!