Family Vacation 2016: [Tubingen, Germany]

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tubingen is a university town we had enjoyed visiting the last time we were in Germany; it was fun to go back and wander around again!! A river runs through the town, so the views on the bridge, along with the shop-lined square, and of course, cobblestone roads are picturesque. 
One of my favorite meals is from the brewery overlooking the river. How often can you make it back to a cute little European town and order one of your favorite dishes...? Well, once every 4 years, I guess - so order that favorite dish again, I did!! And it was JUST as good as I remembered (if not better!!).
We happened to visit on a holiday so most places weren't open, BUT the eis shop (ice cream/gelato) was and with five antsy kids on our hands, that was about all that mattered.
Tyson picked his own flavor, mango; each time we'd ask what kind he had, he'd pause, think, and exclaim, 'Flamingo..!!' Needless to say, I asked him what flavor he had quite a few times.. :) 
While making our way back to the car, we passed a window with some bags that caught my eye (but they were closed..); my SIL said she'd hold down the fort so the Mr. and I could go back another day for some real shopping. 
Great food, beautiful views, and successful shopping - Tubingen for the win!!

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  1. Oh my these pictures are amazing! So different from what you see here. So did you go back to see the bags? You're killing me. 😊

  2. Flamingo... I love it! And that town really is picturesque! Loving all your photos :)

  3. YOU DIDNT EVEN SAY WHAT YOUR MEAL WAS!!!! You're killing me, too!!

  4. Tubingen looks so cute! That icecream— yum!

  5. Those views!! So amazing. And that restaurant on the river looks fabulous. I love when you can dine outside and enjoy the fresh air and the views. I love that he called the mango Flamingo! So cute. Great photos!

  6. Gorgeous photos. I'm obsessed. Please take me with you next time as your personal photographer/nanny.

  7. lol love when kids say something just off! What a picturesque town. Can't beat those cobbles.