A Correlation Between Raw Meat & Mohawks

Friday, June 17, 2016

In the locker room before a basketball game with our rival school, Coach wrote the numbers of the 5 starters on the board. I'm pretty sure I had to look down and double-check the number on my jersey because I thought mine was one of those written on the board..
I was in 7th grade and this was an 'A team' game, it was time to run with the big guns. I remember Coach recalling the story and saying, 'I've never seen someone's face turn so white so fast! I was afraid you might have just shit your pants.'
As seasons passed and I grew into my own, it was a joke that they'd have 'raw meat' in the locker room, for me, before games. Feed that hunger, build hype, turn on those animal-like instincts.. Naturally I'm a rather quiet, mild-mannered, introvert of a person, however something changed once the shoes got laced up and we'd hit the hardwood..
Dare I say, Tyson has had a little taste of that 'raw meat', in the form of a half-mohawk.
Since the moment the little shaved sides of his head got breezed with fresh air, it has seemed to turn him into a certified bad @$$.
After our hike, we sat in the parking lot of the 'haircut shop', googling pictures of Chuck Liddell. So I guess you could say we asked for it.. We asked our mild-mannered Tyson if he wanted a mohawk; he sat there quietly, slightly grinned as he looked from side to side, and said, 'yes?!'
He came out with the most perfect haircut, a new attitude, and looking even closer to the 4 year old he will soon be. I absolutely LOVE the cut, in fact the Mr. just touched it up again this week to keep the distinct 'hawk-ness. It may bring some extra attitude, but I'm hoping seeing that might pass as we approach and take on his 4th year of life.
(I mean, we can agree 3 year olds are kinda the worst and are a**holes. Bring on #4..!!)
 Watching this kid grow and come into his own is a privilege, entertaining, and challenging.
He's driven and determined. He's passionate and has a strong personality. He's also sweet and sensitive.
 Of course it's not just the 'raw meat' or a new 'do, time and experiences bring about exciting things and I'm happy to be along for another ride - this time with a white board full of daily responsibilities and smiley face magnets and I'm on the coaching staff.. ;)


  1. Oh I love this post so much!!!!!!! The story and the correlation. LOVE it! He looks adorable with his mo-hawk! Mason wants one so bad, but his cowlick in the front always messes up those plans! haha

  2. Why are 3 year olds horrible?! Loving the hawk, he totally looks older.

  3. hahaha love the story. So funny that the mo-hawk turned him into a bad ass. With the right haircut I guess that is just what happens haha.

  4. This made me laugh so hard!! What a handsome dude with his Mohawk. We re so ready for 4 too.

  5. I love this!!! I love that your coach said that he thought you might have shit your pants! LOL. And then you said T was a certified bad @$$. But in all seriousness, he looks so cute with his little mohawk and genuinely seems so excited about it! I love those pictures of T and Harp in their little Germany shirts too!

  6. Where do I even begin with how much I love this! He looks awesome! I thought about getting Mac a mohawk earlier this year but I wasn't sure I could possibly take any more attitude or assholery. ;) Bring on 4-year-olds!! Three nearly killed me!

  7. Love this story. Love his look. Love everything about it.