Family Vacation 2016: [Fruhlingsfest, Germany]

Thursday, June 9, 2016

We had the opportunity to attend Fruhlingsfest (spring fest) while in Germany. It's a big festival with rides, vendors, food, and beer - kind of like a BIG state fair.
During our visit to Germany before kids, we attended Volksfest (the fest during the fall), where we had tables in the tents, beer, the most delicious chicken, music, dancing, and did I mention beer..? This fest was a little different as we didn't go in the tents; they have the potential to get a little rowdy and with our five kids (under five years old), we thought it best to keep it more family-friendly.
Each food stand had me stopping to drool over the selections!! Since getting some of everything wasn't ideal, I settled on a potato cake (like a hashbrown pancake) piled high with cheese, speck (a German version of bacon), and green onions - YUM!! We shared one of the BEST sausage I've ever had - it was perfectly crispy on the outside and juicy/flavorful on the inside.
It was a festive setting under the shade of a large tent, with live music, and the little ones jammin' about with some of the greatest dance moves I've ever seen.
We had to make a stop on the way out for this made-in-front-of-us-pastry-spiral-thing, complete with Nutella and coconut..!! Melt. In. Your. Mouth.
It was a fun fest and great celebration of this beautiful time of year!!


  1. Gah, what a cool event to attend! And Harper in those overalls just kills me!

  2. Looks awesome! And I'm drooling over here at the food, yum. The overalls are killing it!

  3. Oh my gosh, how fun is that?!?! And the food!! Ahh. It's 10pm and now I'm hungry. Definitely different with kids but sounds like it was just as much fun!
    Side note : what kind of stroller is that? I think I'm looking into getting one for Mason for when we go to Disneyland because I don't think he'll be able to walk all day, can that stroller hold Tyson?

  4. So awesome you guys were able to go to the fesitval! Looks like a fun day.