Family Vacation 2016: [Strasbourg, France]

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

For a quick day trip we piled in the van and headed to Strasbourg, France. It was about a two hour drive (well, supposed to be), right on the border of Germany and France.

We got into town and began the process of trying to find a parking spot for our very American ride. The EXTREMELY narrow streets, garages, and spaces had us driving in circles and eventually following behind a van as we continued our search. The van pulled into a place and we followed behind, he turned into what seemed like a private area and I, in the back seat, turned around to watch a middle column (between the two we just drove through) RISE UP FROM THE GROUND.
We pulled forward and LITERALLY were driving through the town square!! I'll be honest, I was a little panicked!! Eventually, we got turned back around and back to the columns that were blocking the entrance/exit. We figured if we pulled up close enough maybe it would sensor them down..?!?! Sure enough, that worked - thank heavens, ha!!
We finally parked and headed to the square outside of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg for a picnic and exploring.
The buildings were beautiful, however, we found it to be rather dirty with quite a few panhandlers. It was still worth seeing, just different from the experience of Germany. The Cathedral was massive, the detail overwhelming. I absolutely regret not going IN to look around, but it was breathtaking and memorable nonetheless.
We made a few stops for shopping, including some of those delicious biscuits and caramels at La Cure Gourmande, and jackets from Jack Wolfskin.

We continued to stroll through the town and over to Place Gutenberg, complete with a (double-decker) carousel, which was beautiful and a hit with the boys!!
Of course no day is complete without a little treat - so sorbet it was, outside a cute little cafe on the cobblestone streets of France.
Back in the van, we took an, uh, adventurous route home.. It included a little off-roading and narrower (which I didn't think was even possible) roads. 

I think I'll probably wrap up the vacation posts here.. Thanks for following along!! The food, sights, and experiences are some of my favorite. It was such an awesome experience for our little family.
A HUGE thanks to my SIL and her family for hosting and taking us all over - THANK YOU!! 


  1. I have loved your vacation posts! Such beautiful photos and to see how different it is over there due to all the amazing architecture, etc. what a fun trip for you and the fam. :) and a special treat sounds yummy.

  2. haha oh gosh I would be freaking out if we drove somewhere and then columns went up. I'm all about following the rules.
    Such a charming family vacation and so wonderful for your kids to experience.

  3. Oh no the vacation posts are over?? I'm seriously drilling over your whole vacation and wishing you could take me there and be my tour guide!
    The castle is gorgeous and that double decker carousel is amazing!! Sounds like you guys had an incredible trip!

  4. So picturesque! Everything has so much charm and character. What an amazing vacation.

  5. That parking story is hilarious! But these pictures. Oh my. So so gorgeous. You have real talent Laureen!