Wednesday, July 20, 2016

At one of Tyson's birthday celebrations, we gave him a simple, basic scooter.
He was absolutely excited and wanted to take it for a spin, ASAP.
It was of course 'just what he's always wanted', also, and he was gliding and near-balancing in no time. 
He'll occasionally ride it to check the mail with me and the other day he was telling me how much he loved his new scooter. I told him, 'Oh good, mom and daddy picked it out special, just for you.' 
He paused, and said, 'You gave me this scooter?'
I replied, 'Yes, mom and dad gave it to you for your birthday.'
He stepped off the scooter, and drug it a few steps over to my side, gave me a hug and said, 'Thanks mom!!'
We've been trying to really stress the importance of WHO a gift is from and how thoughtful and kind it was of them to give the gift. We take time to express gratitude and hug that person, so I was melted into a puddle of pride to see him take that action on his own and thank me for his gift.
These moments have me thinking four is going to be my favorite age yet..!!


  1. What an absolute sweetheart! I hope age 4 is full of all sorts of these moments!

  2. Love this! Mason has a scooter like this and adores it. He is my mail-go-getter and he rides his scooter every single time. I love that he gave you a hug when he realized you got it for his birthday. So sweet! The picture of him with his tongue hanging out, adorable!

  3. He's so good!!! Mason has a scooter that he LOVES but it has 3 wheels. He scoots all over the place with it... and nearly falls off half the time because he's not paying attention so I don't think he'll be getting a 2 wheeled one anytime soon. But seriously, look at Tyson rock that thing!

  4. Love the scooter. My son just got one for his 3rd birthday and he is in love!! - Home of Malones

  5. This is so cute! We got Mac a scooter last summer, but he didn't really take to it. I need to pull it out of the garage and try again with him! Tyson is rocking it!