Summer Birthday Gift Exchange: [Turning Four]

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

One of my favorite things about blogging has been the community I've been fortunate to become a part of; I've been welcomed into a group of successful, encouraging, friendly, and wonderful ladies that were exactly what I needed. We share common phases of life which includes the ups, downs, joys, and 'sufferings' of motherhood. Specifically, a handful of us all with summer 'babies'. 
A few years ago a gift exchange started and it's now in it's third year, how fun is that..?! 

This week my baby turned four. FOUR. It's been so fun to follow along with these families as their babies have grown also, it's hard to believe how quickly these years pass. Now on to a very special package, all the way from CA..
Tyson received a package from the beautiful gals at Work it Mommy - Whitney, Kinsey, and Breilana. Let me just say, they sent the sweetest gifts of pure perfection..!!
Whitney mentioned she was a little nervous to come up with gifts for a boy, coming from an all-girl household, but she NAILED IT!! Seriously. 
Bubbles + gun = little boy heaven!!
Dinosaurs?! NEVER enough dinosaurs. 
Whitney filled the box with some extra-large, colorful pom-poms. They were the go-to for Homegirl, she gathered up as many as she could and kept a death-grip on them while we continued through the package. 
We lovedplaying games as a family, so I know we'll have a good time with this connect four game.
 I just love watching Tyson open gifts. He's filled with such genuine excitement, gratitude, and joy. 
He kept exclaiming, 'this is what I've always wanted!!' When it came to this super-cool fireman Lego set, I especially believed every word he said. He's already got it put together like a pro and is such a fan!!
Whitney, Kinsey, and Breilana - Thank you so much for the awesome package filled with the most thoughtful gifts. You guys seriously nailed it..!! Did we already mention that?! Everything was so perfect for Tyson and will be thoroughly enjoyed, I mean it was 'exactly' what he wanted!!
Thank you again!! xoxo
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Big thanks to Elizabeth for organizing this super-fun exchange!!

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  1. Oh be still my heart! I love that T kept saying that's what he's always wanted. So sweet!! And Homegirl death gripping the pom poms. Ha ha!

  2. Yep, she totally nailed it! Legos are all we do right now! Liam is obsessed. And now they are taking over my house.

  3. This is what I've always wanted! SO CUTE. And so thankful. I LOVE it. Whitney and the girls totally nailed his gift. He looks genuinely so happy and excited. I'm so happy he got an extra special gift for his birthday from his blog buddies.
    Happy Birthday Tyson!

  4. Oh yeah she did totally nail it! I love that he said "it's what I always wanted"! So cute!

  5. Such awesome gift from Whitney and her girls!!! You can see the look on Tyson's face- she totally nailed it! Ahhh FOUR, how did this happen?

  6. I am SO happy Tyson enjoyed everything!!! Your FB comment seriously was the best :) Happy Birthday Tyson! Your Ca friends <3 you!

  7. Aww! These gifts are perfect for a little guy. Cash would have loved everything, too!

  8. Connect Four! Brings back so many childhood memories for me :) And love the giant pom pom stuffing. How cute!!

  9. We have Connect Four and even though my boys don't play it correctly just yet, it keeps them busy which is all that matters to me! Tyson looks so excited opening his gifts! This really is a fantastic age!

  10. Hope he had such a fun birthday celebration and love all the goodies so much! Maddie LOVED her package - thank you so much :) Now she just wants a little sibling she's forced to share it with! Haha! Cheers to the age of FOUR!